Thursday, September 12, 2013

Siberia Reveals More!

This week's Siberia was full of discoveries and showed us that all hope is not lost for our beloved contestants.  While up to now much has been a mystery and outside my research and theories it seemed as if anything was possible.  Now with only one episode left, the picture has become much clearer as we finally saw the contestants come face to face with the Evenkis, learned more about the Valleymen and Ogdy, and made the first contact with the outside world.  While much of my research and theories have fallen in line with the story, other aspects I had previously overlooked also came to light which makes for an exciting finale when hopefully everything ultimately makes sense.  But for now, let's dive into the events of this week's Siberia, "Strange Bedfellows", a quintessential episode leading into the final chapter this season of this exhilarating show! 
  • The "hikers", which should be renamed as they have reached their destination and made themselves comfortable for a few episodes now, picked up right where they left off in front of the computer that Daniel was not only able to get working but also uncovered the highly guarded video of Kulik's expedition team.  While the group encouraged him to hack it and access the Internet to send out some form of communication, he informed them it was not possible as there was no coverage in this remote area.  Rather than continue working on what seemed to be a futile task, Daniel was more concerned with the well-being of Irene and wanted to go back and rejoin the settlement.  Johnny began to break under pressure, as we saw with Neeko in the last episodes, as instead of being the fearless leader they needed, he took the stance of being realistic implying Irene was likely dead and they needed to worry about themselves now.  Daniel jumped up and stormed off in anger and Joyce followed comforting him and while he felt like he failed, she assured him insisting that they have only come this far because of his desire to save Irene.  Daniel responded with the fact that it was a stupid plan as they were now no closer to being rescued than they were before as he had begun this entire journey to save Irene which may have been an epic mistake.  He brought up Victoria and her vision after consuming the mushrooms (see: Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods) when she had claimed they were all going to die and suggested they should have listened to her and fled, as everything they have seen and done since had presented them with a whirlwind of improbabilities and seemingly impossible tasks.  Joyce continued to support Daniel in his time of need encouraging him not to break down, but to be strong as they needed him, they were all in it together and if he is able to get the radio working he could still prove to be the hero he doesn't see himself worthy of being.  Daniel, obviously still upset, took her advice and proceeded to examine the radio tower in hopes of salvaging the situation.  Sam joined him and, in another supportive move, told him that with his hands and Daniel's brain they should be able to find a solution to the looming problem before them.  Excitedly, Daniel construed the idea of a loop antenna, similar to those atop houses, as a feasible fix and instructed Sam to find as much wire as possible.  Elsewhere, Joyce was rummaging through the lockers in hope of finding a cell phone or some other way to connect with the outside world.  When Johnny came across her he began discussing the fact that clearly strange things are happening around them with the charts, graphs and dead bodies as he has now caught onto the idea that maybe the group had stumbled onto something that they were not ever meant to discover.  Suddenly, the clattering of the falcon in its cage echoed around them and Joyce persuaded Johnny to investigate the lab.  She located a set of heavy rocks that she compared to meteorites (Tunguska Event evidence anyone?).  However, Joyce's focus quickly turned to the bird and her desire to set it free.  Although Johnny was reluctant, he grabbed one of the various tarps, but rather than the cage, he uncovered a large case resembling the Revealer with Russian letters scribed on the side.  Meanwhile, Daniel was busy clarifying his needs for the radio setup to Sam.  He described the science behind it explaining that they would only need to create one wave length which would equal out to about forty feet of wire.  The two groups clashed, with clearly different priorities on their mind, as Johnny rushed to show Sam what they had found and Joyce asked if he could interpret the lettering.  Sam translated it as "Primate Studies - Test Group A" in which Johnny threw the tarp of the neighboring box which read "Test Group B".  They immediately recognized the similarities to the Revealer and its engraving of "Test Group C" they had discovered while still at the settlement.  Johnny seemed livid with the idea that someone was studying them as Daniel proceeded to explain that it was a risk/reward device for behavioral studies in which, if an animal does something good it would be rewarded versus if they do something incorrect they would be punished or shocked.  Johnny replied that they aren't animals and questioned who was doing this to them and why as well as voiced concern regarding the men they found shot wondering if they too were part of this.  Sam interrupted informing Joyce and Johnny of their plan to fix the radio signal and contact outside help.  While Johnny was clearly still distraught over their findings, he and Joyce proceed to search for wire to help build Daniel's loop antenna.  At this point, we began to see Johnny breaking down as he was overwhelmed with the situation they have found themselves in.  He takes it out on Joyce commenting that this had always been a game to her, revealing the notes he came across at the producers' camp detailing Joyce's orders to romance him.  She tried to argue that she was an actress hired for a job and all of that stopped long ago but when he proceeded to call her a lair she hit back hard questioning him about his claims of being a bull rider, asking how many bulls he has ridden and what types declaring that they had done extensive background checks and she knew he was lying so what did he really need the money for.  She also accused him of playing games the entire time as she witnessed Esther's attempts to woo him and assumed Johnny was playing the field.

    With tempers flared, Joyce stormed off and the next we saw of her she was sobbing alone, obviously deeply effected by the fact that Johnny, whom she trusted most, had accused her of faking her feelings even with everything they had gone through together.  Johnny entered and attempted to comfort her and though she claimed she wanted to be alone he persisted and embraced her as it was evident that they both had pent up feelings and thoughts that had gone lost and unsaid through the tumultuous events they had experienced.  The cameras returned to Daniel and Sam finishing up the antenna on the icy roof.  Though they had collected enough wire, Daniel slipped and fell from the ladder while performing the final steps they needed to for communication.  Although Sam rushed to his side and Daniel claimed he was alright, in a grim scene we saw him clutch the back of his head and upon viewing his hand he realized it was covered in blood.  Sam rushed to inform Johnny and Joyce of Daniel's injury and walked in on them kissing, as they had visibly resolved their issues and they all hurried to Daniel to provide help.  Daniel refused any aid and was adamant about simply finishing what he had started as they were only one step away from possible rescue.  We saw the group working together to stretch the wire across the rooftops In in their final attempt to fix the radio to send out a distress call.  In the personal interviews we were able to hear what each contestant was feeling at this critical apex of their journey.  Sam admitted that when he first met Daniel he didn't think much of him, a skinny young boy who Sam thought should be in school somewhere, not out in the dangerous Siberian wilderness, turned out to be amazing, smart and talented, a David to the Goliath of a situation that had been dealt.  Joyce shared, that the men she has been surrounded by for their journey have surprised her, she wouldn't have gotten so far without their physical, mental and emotional help, especially Johnny who was sweeter than she ever imagined.  However in a surprising confession, Johnny admitted that he needed to get back home to his loved ones and wouldn't be making any further effort to save the others as he's not a superhero, but did finally help Joyce free the falcon.  The group huddled together in the radio room and Sam was able to find an open frequency in which he sent out numerous calls for help with no reply.  He worked together with the cameramen to come up with a list of Russian words, spelt out phonetically and instructed Daniel on how to continue to call for help.  While the others slept, Daniel consistently and persistently used the notes Sam drew up to try and contact anyone in the outside world.

    When Joyce awoke, she offered to take over so Daniel could get some sleep, but he refused stating that he wanted to be there when, or if, anyone answered their desperate pleas.  Finally the static-filled transmission came to life with someone answering on the other end.  The cameraman, who's fluent in Russian, took over and Sam translated the response as "location".  Johnny rushed to retrieve the map and Daniel worked quickly to decipher their coordinates which they then relayed to the man on the other end of the transmission.  Their part in this episode concluded with the group jumping and shouting in joy with the knowledge that whomever received their distress call was coming.  

  • "Strange Bedfellows" began with Neeko, Miljan and Sabina marching in line with the armed natives, worried and unsure of their fate or their destination.  They ultimately found themselves in a different kind of settlement, one filled with local people of all ages and a primitive backdrop with teepees as their shelter.  Pushed into one of the structures they came face to face with Esther and Annie who were both alive and well, but also confused and scared with no knowledge of who these people were or their intentions.  They explained to the three newcomers that they hadn't been hurt and that they also had seen Irene, but only through the sliver of an opening in a neighboring teepee and had no clue of her status.  Sabina rationalized that they wouldn't keep a corpse in one of their tents and was adamant they stay quiet and obedient as they waited to see what the natives wanted.  Annie exclaimed that they were the people Sam had read about in Miljan's found journal and the group debated while Neeko was sure they could help them find safety, Miljan argued that they didn't seem like they wanted to help as they sat outside the teepee armed with various weapons.  However, Neeko stepped up as a leader again, restless and uncomfortable, and barged out into the open demanding answers.  Questioning the native faces of confusion and fear, he asked who was in charge and if any of them spoke English.  A young woman stepped forward and replied, asking who they were.  Surprised she spoke English, Neeko began a dialogue with her in which he asked why were they taken and she responded stating they are trespassers here.  Playing the peacemaker role, Neeko continued to explain that they meant no harm, they were part of a television show that went wrong and asked for a telephone or some way to contact help in order to leave concluding that they came in peace.  The young woman again responded disclosing that they could not help the contestants, they had already tried to warn them away and now the group has caused troubles for them all, but ultimately, the shaman would decide their fate.  Neeko continued, but Sabina thanked them and pulled him back into their teepee, explaining that the shaman was like their leader (see: Siberia Gets Cold for more information on the shamans of the Evenkis) and to wait.  While Miljan wanted to make a break and run from the tribe, the little girl Sabina had come across earlier in the woods from the episode "She Said It" (see: Siberia Gets Good!) brought the group blankets and introduced herself as Sasha.  Neeko and the others were shocked to find out that Sabina knew this young blonde but more importantly Neeko saw that Sasha and Sabina instantly clicked and asked Sabina if she could get her to help them, in which Sabina replied "she already is".  The shaman entered their teepee with the English speaking member of their tribe who presented him with the same poisonous mushrooms the group was familiar with.  Though they told the young woman about how one of their group members had consumed the mushrooms and become very sick, she informed them that only the shaman can eat them as he is holy and they allow him to see into the future.  The shaman stood up, his head dropped down and he began moaning while continuously walking in place, then he suddenly turned and left the teepee.  The group was shocked by what they had saw but most of all worried as Miljan insisted that whatever he saw it wasn't good as the look in his eyes frightened them.

    The young woman returned and to their relief informed them that her tribe would take them to the white men who were not far away for help but that they were banished from the land and never able to return.  They inquired about Irene asking to see her and they were led into an eerie teepee with the skulls of dead animals and various objects suspended by string around where she lay.  Irene was thrilled to see them, Annie commented right away about the fact that Irene's color had returned and she no longer had a fever.  Neeko asked to see her wound and to his surprise the infected gash that had once been there was nicely bandaged and almost fully healed.  Shocked, they asked what the natives had done and she explained that they continuously put a concoction onto her wound and the little blonde Sasha interjected that it was healing herbs that had help her make this miraculous recovery.  Suddenly, they heard commotion outside as the dogs began to bark and when they peaked out they witnessed one of the locals returning covered in blood and badly injured.  The group was concerned by whatever had attacked this man but also terrified as what was responsible must have been close by.  The young woman returned and as they inquired regarding what had happened she informed them that by coming to Siberia they had crossed into the land of the Valleymen and broke a long treaty and trust the Evenkis had shared with them.  She informed them the tribe would leave to take them away at first light, but Esther interrupted claiming they needed to return to the settlement first.  The group was confused as there was nothing there for them and being rescued was much more important.  Esther justified her comment by stating that they needed supplies as they didn't know how long they would be out in the open.  The young woman agreed to stop at the settlement as it was on the way.  Sabina finally confronted Esther about the empty bottle of sleeping pills she had found and, of course, Esther denied everything claiming she had no clue what she was talking about.  Sabina sat by the campfire and talked with Sasha, she asked if the young woman who spoke English was her mother and was surprised to find that the woman whose name is Merilik simply looked after Sasha and neither her mother or father was amongst the tribe.  Sasha explained that she had no memory of her mother but her father was an American scientist who had taught Merilik English.  Sabina shared her locket with Sasha as she told her about her son who was Sasha's age and fantasized about them meeting one day.  Inside the teepee with the remainder of the contestants, Miljan continued to voice his yearning to just make a run for it as they questioned whether or not they can actually trust these people.  Neeko asked if they could even trust Sabina who had kept the knowledge of the little girl and the fact that she knew others lived in the woods from the group, but came to the conclusion that they had to extend their trust, at least for now.  They ate together and Merilik told them more about the Evenkis' history, she explained that one-hundred years ago Ogdy, their god, had punished them for their sins, he had flattened their land and set the sky on fire and now it was happening again.

    At first light the group took off, with Irene and Sasha on a dog sled and the others running behind them they quickly reached the settlement.  While Neeko instructed everyone to quickly grab anything they might need, Esther made a bee line for the large duffel she had held unusually close after the Revealer had opened.  Miljan quickly grabbed the bag from her, insisting he'd carry it and reminding her that they were going to be good friends, clearly implying that the contents of the bag were what he had earlier threatened her with saying if she didn't help him escape he would inform the others of what she had stole from the Revealer.  Neeko made a comment how it was the six of them who made it through the treacherous competition but that none of them would get the money and Esther bashfully turned away.  As they continued their journey suddenly the dogs stopped and began barking as the group saw a large clearing with a hut located not far away.  Merilik told them they must not go that way as it was a cursed area.  Miljan asked her about the hut and she explained that there are some areas of the woods that have strange effects on the mind, that this is how many had got lost and perished in Siberia which is how it got its name "The Valley of Death".  Merilik stopped abruptly and informed them this was as far as the Evenkis could take them, they would have to travel the remainder of the way alone.  She continued by stating that this was the border between their territory, The Valley of Death and The Valley of Man.  Miljan noticed this territorial line was marked by the compass symbol he had carved into his arm, when he asked about the significance of it Merilik explained that it was the marking of the Valleymen.  Irene thanked Merilik for her help stating she never would have survived without her.  Esther attempted to take a weapon from one of the Evenkis saying they couldn't leave them unarmed with only Sabina's rifle to trek through the dangerous territory, but they refused.  Sabina gave a heartfelt goodbye to Sasha where she told Sabina that if she saw them not to run as well as a cryptic message that she whispered into Sabina's ear too low for the audience to understand.  Miljan asked the Evenkis if they were still trying to scare them, with their boots shaped like the monster's.  They explained that their snowshoes were the markings of the feet of the Valleymen and they utilized them in order to avoid being followed by the beast.  

With the season finale all too soon I find myself with a bittersweet feeling, on the one hand excited to see how the first season of Siberia concludes and on the other sad to see it go.  However, it has been a wonderful show with depth and complexity at every turn and this episode was no different.  The changes we saw in Neeko and Johnny were the most interesting part of "Strange Bedfellows" for me as well as finally getting a visualization of the Evenki culture after my research into them in Siberia Gets Cold.  Another great realization was the fact that Miljan's connection is to the mysterious Valleymen or beasts of the woods and I can't wait to see how that ultimately unfolds!  We have been led through an amazing journey, don't miss the cultivation of this spectacular new series next Monday on NBC and check back here for my final post on Siberia

"Strange Bedfellows" answered a lot of questions and hopefully next week's season finale will show the story coming full circle as everything is revealed.  However, my high expectations leave no room for error as I expect all to become clear, with no holes, which is a high order to fill.  Before diving into the remaining mysteries I'd like to point out something about my research that I've received a number of comments about.  By no means have the facts I've laid out been a simple copy of Wikipedia information.  Instead the writers and creators have taken real historical and scientific information and creatively put them together into a complex story with tons of twists and turns.  I did an enormous amount of digging to find evidence that went along with the creative direction of the show.  For example the Wardenclyffe tower, that was strikingly similar to the tower in the show, had nothing to do with creating lights in the sky or manipulating the weather.  I had to piece together an enormous amount of facts about Tesla's other inventions and new science out there that used the same technology and connected the dots the show had provided.  Thus the writers have not stuck to the simple facts in any way, but have pieced together loads of information and created something unique.  My research was simply gathering the creative clues from the show and piecing them together with the real history and science out there.  Without further ado let's jump into the final questions that lay before us and some theories on how Siberia will all wrap up!
  1. What is the significance of the test groups? & What is the purpose of the experiment? 
    • While I tried to ignore it for sometime, and could easily write it off, the discovery of the previous primate test studies at the Russian outpost made it clear that this was always meant to be more than just a reality competition.  I passed over the "Test Group C" engraving in the Revealer as there was no other proof that this was meant to be anything other than a reality show that ended up going terribly wrong and a strange Russian science center that appeared to have no connection to the show, but now we have confirmation that the two are connected, I needed to find the common thread.  I have spent a considerable amount of time storyboarding and brainstorming the facts and the only logical explanation I could come up with is as follows.  They want the beast, whether to study it in order to duplicate it or for other ulterior motives entirely this has to be the end game.  I'd like to lay out my reasoning in the simplest way possible:
      1. They have money.  In order to build the science center and the Tesla tower they must be well financed.  In addition, to employ an entire television crew and offer up a half million dollar prize, money is no object in this project.
      2. They needed human test subjects.  My thoughts are that after attempting to lure the beasts with monkeys or other animals, using the Revealers to keep them in the settlement area and the speakers to scare them from venturing in the woods, the tests failed as they were unable to lure the beast and thus came to the conclusion they needed humans for their bait.  They created the reality competition as a way to get humans to stay at the settlement without knowledge of their testing.  I also believe that the entire film and production crew was in the dark about this mastermind's real goal.  Likely creator Matt Arnold ( :D) would be the man behind it all.  He had to make it believable, which is why everyone thought they were participating in a real show and they added Joyce to the mix in order to stir up the normal reality drama with love interests and sabotage (little did they know Esther would end up doing that on her own).   
      3. They succeeded a little too well.  After the first tests with primates they came up with the idea of using the tower to simulate the original Tunguska event in hopes this would lure the beast out of hiding and it did just that.  Unfortunately the beast responded by attacking the real film crew which left the contestants without aid and caused them to do what the primates didn't, venture out for help.  While the animal noises and the Revealer was not enough to keep human subjects in the area, they did the unexpected and refused to just sit and wait for help but venture out into the wild in order to survive. 
      4. This succession of events was not what the creator had in mind and with the deaths of the television crew and the contestants about to stumble upon the science center, other measures had to be employed.  They used the tower's ability to manipulate the weather which caused a winter wonderland in hopes that the hikers would either return to the settlement or perish in the snow.  When they continued to persevere it was necessary to cover all tracks and keep them from reaching the outside world thus they killed the scientists and destroyed the tower as well as the computers that documented their work.  Little did they know, Daniel would also be a crux in their plan and figure out, against all odds, how to salvage the parts and reach out for help.
    • I don't think it was ever an experiment in human behavior.  It does not justify the deaths of so many people or the money put into the experiment.  While they used simple behavioral techniques to attempt to keep them at the settlement, whatever they were planning is clearly much bigger and much more important then a study on what people would do in this environment.
    • The study of Kulik's video, in addition to the writings in his diary about the Valleymen prove that this is what they were actually interested in.
  2. Was the snow a punishment for the group venturing out of camp? 
    • While I have previously discussed the idea that the scientists purposely caused the snow to either derail the contestants and force them back to the settlement or kill them as the master plan ran off the tracks, there is now a third possibility in line with the behavioral modification equipment.  As I found while researching for my last post (see: Siberia Gets Scary), the tower has the capability to manipulate the weather and while I still believe it was done to force the contestants back to the settlement or cause their death, it also now fits in line with this action being used as a punishment for wandering away from the camp and getting too close to the science center and discovering the ulterior motives.
  3. Who will come to rescue them?
    • From the previews it's clear that their knights in shining armor might be more of a threat than a blessing which has me wondering just who are these people they contacted.  The simple answer is that whomever is in charge of this experiment has money and power and does not want their secret to get out.  They have made no attempts to rescue their subjects and gone to considerable lengths, i.e. murdering the scientists and destroying the communication, to keep them from reaching the outside world.  A plausible theory is that it is their own private army who they have employed to finish the contestants off to keep their project a secret, the only question remaining is, will they succeed?
  4. Who is Sasha?
    • It was revealed that while she doesn't remember her mother, she does know that her father was an American scientist.  While I remember reading an article that recently an American ventured into the Valley of Death to study the Tunguska event I was unable to find it again and come up with a name.  Even so, I'm not so sure that this is as much a connection to real history as it is to the world of the show.  I wonder if the scientist was consulting at the Russian outpost and her mother also has some connection to the show.  Is it possible Berglind is her mother and she purposely took the wrong route because she works for the production company like Joyce?  Or even some recreation of Sabina as we still have the skeleton to account for and she and Sasha seem to have an unknown connection.
  5. Why did Esther insist on returning to the settlement?
    • For the money! (see: Siberia Gets Cold!)  I spoke in previous posts about the idea that Esther found the money in the Revealer and how she cradled that duffel bag in a strange way.  This proved that this is likely the case.  In addition, Miljan's insistence to hold the bag for her strengthened the idea that this is what he threatened to reveal to the others had she not helped him escape and that he is still using it as leverage.
  6. Who are the Valleymen? & What is their relation to Miljan?
    • First, as I know there have been a lot of newcomers to the blog, please check out the information I posted a few weeks ago about Ogdy, the shamans and Miljan at the bottom of the post Siberia Gets Cold.  Last week I was a little concerned when Miljan showed so much discomfort regarding the Evenki people.  He said in the woods he felt himself being surrounded and ran, he repeatedly told the others that they were coming and froze when the Evenkis surrounded them as Miljan, Neeko and Sabina were running to the men's cabin and in this episode while they were at the Evenkis' camp he constantly wanted to flee and talked about how he didn't trust them.  While I had theorized that all of Miljan's strange behavior could be explained by the idea of a past shaman inhabiting his body, then why was he so scared of the Evenkis who he should have a connection to?  In a wonderful twist it all made sense in the conclusion of this episode when we discovered that the very symbol he had carved into his body was that of the Valleymen, the Evenkis' enemies.  Therefore I still believe that he has been possessed by a past shaman and his fascination and knowledge of Ogdy makes perfect sense as he is not connected to the human natives but rather the mysterious beast or beasts known as the Valleymen.
    • I'd also like to point out that when I first learned about the Valleymen and included them in my original theories post after "Lyin' Tiger and Bare" (see: Siberia: Theories Blown Open!), I thought that the Valleymen were the beast, but when Sam translated some of the journal in "Out of the Frying Pan" I changed my tune as it seemed the Valleymen in the show were referring to the locals.  While they are in fact locals, I ended up being right in the first place as we now know that the Valleymen refer to the beast and not the native Evenki tribe. (I should've stuck to my gut feeling!)  
  7. What is the hut?
    • Aliens and wormholes aren't out of the picture yet!  When I first saw this mysterious hut in the middle of the clearing, to me, it resembled the cowling of an aircraft, the two large bullet shaped pieces that encompass the turbines.  It was not primitive like the Evenkis' teepees and even looked as if it was made out of metal.  This could easily be the entrance to an alien aircraft bringing all my original research back into play. (see: Siberia Theories Blown Open!)  Either way, there is a mystery tied into this hut and the fact that Merilik claimed that it was a cursed area that often caused confusion could be explained by alien technology.  The fact that the beast has been around for over one-hundred years, according to the Evenkis, means it is much too old for scientists to have genetically created it.  While the Evenkis may have seen the materialization and the Tunguska event as a punishment from Ogdy, it is still possible that it was actually caused by an alien species entering Earth's atmosphere which leaves a whole new world of possibilities for following seasons!  I've done some research and there are actually metal cauldrons in Siberia that are believed to have been built by aliens, which means my first thoughts that the creature was extraterrestrial now has more backing!

  8. What happened with Ogdy?
    • When Merilik spoke of Ogdy in this episode it reaffirmed my theory that the beast was a punishment for the misuse of power.  She said they were being punished for their sins and that falls right into line with my thinking.  However, why it is happening again I think has less to do with the Evenkis and more to do with the experiments attempting to recreate the original Tunguska event.  As Merilik also said, the contestants and possibly the producers broke their peace treaty with the Valleymen by crossing over into their territory.  I don't think the "Fire in the Sky" we witnessed in the show was Ogdy, I think it was the scientists and their tower (see: Siberia Gets Scary), but upon seeing the lights in the sky, as I have discussed before, the beasts felt as if they had the god's blessing to attack the trespassers.  Or if they are aliens saw the fire in the sky as related to their arrival and it agitated them, possibly thinking they needed to prepare for more of their kind.
  9. How will it all end?
    • I think it will be simple.  While Johnny, Joyce, Sam and Daniel wait for rescue they will delve more into the experiment that they have unknowingly been a part of as well as what Johnny has been hiding from the rest of the group.  The six settlers who are now the hikers will venture into the territory of the Valleymen and with Sabina's wits and Miljan's connection will be able to make it safely to the science center and reunite with the others.  Once there the "rescue team" will arrive and instead of taking them to safety attempt to eliminate them once and for all.  Hopefully Esther's bag of cash will be discovered sometime in this journey.  Unexpectedly when Miljan's life is endangered I think the mastermind behind it all will get what they wanted and the beast will finally show its face.  I think that it will attack the military "rescuers" who threaten Miljan along with Daniel's smarts, Sam's hands and with Neeko and Johnny finally working together to lead the group they will be able to escape and possibly destroy the military presence leaving them still stranded, armed with more knowledge and ready for another season with the same cast diving into the mysteries with more knowledge than before and attempting to get out and expose the experimentation but also figure out exactly what's going on.  But hey, I'm a dreamer!  
While I know a lot of you are hoping that we wont be left with a cliffhanger, I think this is a high possibility and would like to share an article with you that you can read for yourself here.  It discusses Siberia's creation and the fact that even if the numbers don't work out well for NBC to renew it for American audiences, it has already been sold to a number of other countries and has the possibility of being picked up by another network.  But don't give up hope yet, keep tweeting #SiberiaSeason2 and you can sign the petition for NBC to renew our beloved drama here.  Also on the top left of my blog page is an area where you can vote on what show, or shows, you'd like to see me blog about in the fall, please participate as your input will help me decide!  You can also comment on other shows not on the list below.  Thanks for reading and please comment, as always I would love to hear your thoughts on how the final chapter will unfold!

(above) "Sneak Peek" of next week's finale, courtesy of
Where are Annie and Esther?
Doesn't this paint a picture of triumph and a lead into season 2?


  1. Something still bothers me concerning Esther's prized possession from the Revealer. If the plan from the start was to use the contestants as bait to catch the beast, what are the odds they would have survived the winter to win any prize? I don't believe they would they have just sent in a helicopter to pick up anyone who was still alive come spring and award them the prize? It seems the contestants are expendable so I have trouble thinking they would truly reward them for surviving when they didn't expect them to do so. So why put the money in the Revealer? But if it wasn't money, what else would be that important to Esther? My first thought when it came to light she had taken something was money. But now I question that.

    Miljan doesn't seem to be motivated by money. Instead of demanding she split it with him, he demanded she help him escape so he could get to Irene?

    I am curious to know, do you think it could be something other than money and if so, what?

    1. I think that while the plan was that the humans and recreating the circumstances of the Tunguska Event would give them the chance to see and study the Valleymen or beast(s), they had no intention of anyone dying. The originally had support staff available until the beast also attacked them. I honestly don't think they ever intended to put the contestants in any danger, just thought that their presence would get the beast to show his face and maybe they intended on capturing it all the while keeping the crew and contestants in the dark. I think the money is the only logical explanation but I will put some more thought into it based on the questions you've raised.

      I agree that Miljan doesn't seem guided by the money and I think why he was adamant about his escape is because he has learned to trust the voice in his head that has directed him and in some ways become obsessed with it. It told him to take Irene into the forest and as it was actually the Valleymen leading him, rather than the Evenkis, I wonder if they wanted her as prey but the Evenkis got to him first and offered her aid.

      Like I said, I feel confident in the money theory and the idea that it was meant to be a simple reality show that would go on as planned and someone would win and receive the money. Often in these shows they are presented with the actual dollar bills for TV but given a check later as the money is just for looks, so I think it is reasonable for them to have stashed it in the revealer. Especially with their remote location it would deter crew or cameramen from taking off with it as it was safe. I think the experiment went sideways and while they had the scientists and maybe even the army we see in the preview for the next episode close by to capture the beast when it took the bait, which is why they decided to go on even after Tommy's death, they knew this was a possibility, that the contestants might get hurt and so they offered them an out as they didn't want to get them killed but yet still wanted the experiment to go on. Overall I think they really believed they would be able to conduct both the experiment and the reality show simultaneously and keep the television crew in the dark all the while!

    2. Remember, they obviously didn't want anyone to find out about the experiment but they still choose to bring all the crew and the contestants out there thinking they could pull it off and their ulterior motive remain secret. Therefor the must have expected the television show to go as planned, have a winner and good footage while they were still able to conduct their research!

    3. Ok. So I'm leaning back towards the money now. LOL It makes sense that they offered them an 'out' after Tommy's death with the very real possibilty that someone else could be hurt or killed.

      Esther is just so darn shallow that I can't imagine her being motivated by anything but money. I just thought it odd that the money would be there since they seem to have no regard for human life.

      Love your blog. You help me keep things straight,

      Interesting tidbit: I watch the show with closed caption on. Sasha told Sabina "If you see them, don't run" but she said something else that closed caption didn't show. Just one word. Any ideas?


    4. Thanks so much for reading & your support! I enjoy it when we are able to debate like this & bring up different ideas as it widens my perspective as well! I also couldn't make out what Sasha's last words are & sadly we might never know. In addition I was disappointed that her advice never came into play as they didn't encounter the Valleymen while traveling through their territory.

      I hope you check out my post on the finale as well as my final blog Siberia in Retrospect where I will have all the questions that came up this season & some theories surrounding them!

  2. Just curious why you think the beast killed the crew/producers? The best usually leaves a bloody mess and evidence such as bodies. I don't remember that being the case at the producer's camp. Wasn't they all just missing as if they took off in a hurry?

    1. I think that the combination of the lights in the sky, which I believe to have been caused by the tower in the episode "Fire in the Sky" but NOT the cause of the 1908 Tunguska Event, in combination with the producers' camp being in the Valleymen's territory caused it to attack. However, I don't agree that the beast normally leaves a bloody mess or bodies. In Tommy's attack Daniel found blood and the footprint but no body and we really don't know if the producers actually even recovered his body as they lied and said Tommy had a fatal accident and had fallen which wasn't the case. With the tiger and Natalie while the beast did consume or damage their stomachs which was bloody, it also removed both carcasses and no trace of them being there. They did find blood at the producers' camp hinting that they were attacked and hurt or killed as well as at the site of the helicopter crash but again no bodies. Therefore it seems to me like the beast or Valleymen take the bodies back to their lair or possibly to their world as I am about to publish some facts I found about the cauldron or hut we saw in the last episode. These are real metal structures that have been found in Siberia and many believe they are alien weapons or portals to another world. (While I'm not personally one to jump on the alien bandwagon I do think that in the context of a fictional show anything is possible!)

      Overall every time we have seen a attack likely caused by the beast the bodies have been removed. (Producers' Camp, Natalie, Tommy, Helicopter, Tiger)While the camp did seem like they could've taken off in a hurry, there were blood stains so I think it's more likely they were attacked rather than fled. If you go back in my posts I go into more detail about the producers' camp & why I think it was the beast but this is pretty much the gist of it.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! I hope I cleared up my thought processes and please browse older posts for more detail or reply as I would be happy to explain further! :D

  3. Hi Shayla,

    Just a quick thought about Johnny, maybe Johnny was part of the production team/the person really running the show. He made a comment when they were searching for the beacon, he said something like 'everyone is going to die and its all because of me', I know at the time it was aimed at them maybe being lost because of his directions but it could have a greater meaning.
    Also he didn't help anyone out at the start until it started to go wrong.

    I still think that it was always an experiment and never a reality tv show. (I commented on your last weeks episode post)

    1. That's a super interesting idea about Johnny! He also said in this episode that he was going to stop trying to help them that he had to think about the people he cared about at home. While I think that would make a great twist I think Joyce would've known about it and vice versa. They likely had meetings about the show & he seemed very surprised when they found the producers' camp.

      Along the same lines, I just don't see why they would hire people like Joyce to stir up trouble and cause the normal television drama if they didn't actually think it was a real television show. Also, when the group started getting closer to the science outpost, they killed the scientists & destroyed the computers and the beacon. Daniel also mentioned that whatever was on the computer, they didn't want them to find. That all makes me think that the experiment was meant to be a secret, definitely not one that they shared with the television crew. Plus if the money is what Esther took from the Revealer it means that they always intended for there to be a winner.

      Depending how you look at it, I agree with you regarding the experiment. I think the leader of the science project created the television show for their own ulterior motives. But I don't think the rest of the production crew was aware of those motives. So yes I think it was always an experiment but I also think that the crew believed it was a real television show which is why they hired an actress to keep the storyline moving for good TV and believed someone would actually win thus the money in the Revealer.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! Hopefully we'll soon know the answers to our questions!

    2. Ye, it is really weird he said that as well.... whilst it could be persumed that Joyce would know about Johnny if he was a part of the production it seems that she was definetly suspicious of him because of the background check so maybe they kept her in the dark about a few things.... if he was running the show then he could also easily be able to hide that from someone he casts if he was also to be going there as well.

      I definetly think experiment but just don't know who is running it, the scientists seem like the answer but then the scientists and the beaker were destroyed to prevent them from leaving making me think someone else wants them there for other reasons than a reality show. I do agree though, the money does make it seem like it was meant to be a reality tv show.

      I just think it never being a reality show would be a good twist. I hope that there is a beast but its seeming less likely as the episodes go on, maybe the valleymen are super freaky or beast like things. I guess I just think that the ending may be a let down... it doesn't seem like there is long enough left to explain everything.

      I literally cannot wait until tonights episode but I unfortunately live in the U.K so as its on at 4am I will have to download it and watch it tomorrow.... I may remove myself from the facebook page just incase Siberia post a spoiler on how it ends.

      Enjoy tonights episode

    3. I agree that if Johnny was in on it he would have to be the leader and I just don't see him as smart enough or really interested enough to do that. When they found the other Revealers he was livid about someone studying them so I think that his secret is a much simpler one. My personal thoughts are something having to do with child support or legal issues.

      I think that it can still have that good twist by having that "leader" who I don't think we've been introduced to yet, a new character, who created the show for the experiment. So they would still realize that this whole trip was under false pretenses.

      I do think there is a beast. I fell pretty good about my original theories of it being an alien as my recent research has shown that the hut in the last episode was a cauldron, a real life Siberian mystery that is believed to be extraterrestrial in origin. My newest post Siberia: Facts Edition has all that information if you're interested. I think the beast is synonymous with the Valleymen and we will see them or be aware of their presence in tonight's episode.

      I also agree that there is a lot to cover in one episode so I think that while some mysteries will be solved, like Miljan's relationship to the Valleymen, possibly Johnny's secret, hopefully the "leader" will show his face and we will know a little more about the experimentation and the Valleymen. I do think it will be a cliffhanger where a lot of questions will be answered or at least steered in a specific direction. I also am not normally able to watch until later in the night so I have to avoid social media for a while!

      Again thanks for reading & I have enjoyed our conversation! I hope you too are satisfied with the ending & please feel free to post after you've watched with your thoughts!

    4. Hey Shayla, just posted my thoughts below as I accidently replied in the wrong bit.

  4. Someone just posted the following on the IMDB message boards, after rewatching the first episode a couple of weeks back I also took what the host was saying literally but this sums it up:

    "I think a lot of the clues about what is actually going on are in Jonathan's intro to the show:

    >"In the REAL LIFE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT". (!!!!) This pretty much explains that the show is not a show.

    >"No games, no votes and above all else NO RULES". Does this apply to the creators of the "social experiment?"

    >"Nothing of its kind has ever been attempted before." Not with humans: Test Group C is the first human experiment.

    >"In this EXPERIMENT you'll be allowed to govern yourselves completely, with no interference and NO HELP".

    >"We will ABANDON YOU (!!!!!) with a camera crew to document your adventure"

    We listened to it the monologue the first time as if it was another hack survival/competition show, as did the contestants.
    Little did we know that everything he said was literal.


    1. Yeah, I know the monologue host Johnathon Bukley gave. The problem is it's the same thing they say on Survivor & Big Brother - that it is a social experiment. So I don't take to much stock in this as similar real reality shows say the same thing. While he said they would abandon them, he also said that if at any time they wished to leave to push the red button & a helicopter would come to pick them up.

      Also after the producers' camp got attacked, the cameramen said that their radios stopped working and their supplies of food & gear came to a halt.

      I agree that this was the first human experiment as I say above that I believe Test Groups A & B to be with something like monkeys.

      While I understand your excitement about the monologue if you look back on other similar reality competitions they say basically the same thing. As well as the fact that contestants were allowed to leave early on. I agree that the monologue could serve as a hidden disclaimer as they were replicating a real reality show the "social experiment" is the description given to these types of shows. This is why I think that the television crew wasn't in the know about the other experiments going on but did expect it to be like a Big Brother or Survivor type show.

      I still think that there is much more to the experimentation than just a social observation. The tape of Kulik & the equipment in the lab doesn't add up with that. As well as the fact that the other thing he said was that at anytime they could push the button to get out & that flew right out the window.

      So basically I think it was an experiment just not a social one, though the television crew thought that. Thanks for reading & sharing this info! I'll find the research about the similar shows that also call themselves "social experiments" and post the link here.

    2. Here is the link to A Critical Guide to Reality Television where it goes into a number of these shows which include Survivor & Big Brother. I kinda fell like the fact that they call it a social experimentation helps my theory of the television crew believing it was just another one of these types of shows. It also doesn't explain everything else that's happened. I believe that the show was meant to be that type of show but the creator had other purposes as well that they hoped to remain secret. When everything went haywire & the red button no longer gave the contestants an out I think is where the interesting understory began. I'm excited to see how it all concludes tonight & I encourage you to comment on your final thoughts after watching!

    3. Hi Shayla, I hope you weren't as disappointed as I am with the last episode... I kept looking at the time and thinking that there was no way they would be able to answer the questions with the time they had left and they didn't but at least the video got played.

      And whilst I never expected Buckley to be alive so that was a twist and I do like twists that I haven't already guessed but I just don't think it was a end of season/series ending, more like an episode ending.

      Anyways this is what I thought straight after which I wrote on facebook: 'I was very disappointed by the ending, just so much was left unanswered especially since it may not be renewed. It still seems like my theory of it never being a reality show and it being an experiment could be correct, I think that Buckley is a part of running the experiment and he hosted a fake reality show to get people there, it was then job then of these military? guys to keep them there and stop them from communicating from the world and keeping them in that part of Siberia hence Buckley saying that 'they were not meant to be there', I dont think he meant that they should be dead but just that they should not be there.... I don't know what the experiment was about though but it seems that everything was staged like the hellicopter and the producers camp which I always thought was staged.

      In the video with the beast, lights in the sky and how it happened it made me think of nothing else than aliens... So i think aliens as well as an experiment... I instantly felt disappointed as im not too keen on the whole sci fi angle and was hoping it would be more to do with the documented things in Siberia.... I hope we get an explanation even if its not renewed.'

      I have since been reading the IMDB boards and also like the idea of the time theory now, I wasn't convinced before but it seems that when Buckley said 'you shouldn't be here' it either was because they shouldn't be outside the experiment area as above (and so many things happened to keep them inside that certain area) or because in Buckleys current time the show has not even started yet and they shouldn't even be in Siberia, I really like that idea anyways.
      Also do you think that its significant that Johnny spoke to Buckley given my previous thought that he could be to do with the production?

      Also the video even after watching it a few times makes me think of aliens and only aliens, but then the miltary guys were going on about weapons, maybe the weapon did the green sky?

      I guess my conclusion is that its just about everything about Siberia that is strange... so could include time warps, aliens, beats, tesla, weird radiation affects e.t.c which is all good and fine as long as there is another season thatgives it enough time to properly answer these things. But ye still thinking experiment and it depnds totally on what Buckley said as to whether he and production are involved or not. i.e. time theory and the show not meant to ahve evn started yet - not involved, not meant to be outside the experiment zone - are involved.

      I would love to hear your thoughts

    4. I had mixed feelings about the finale as some parts were awesome and kept my totally and completely engaged, but I also was disappointed that we didn't have in action while they went through Valleyman territory especially after Sasha's warning. While I was happy to see the tape, I already thought that the lights & not the cauldron had caused their confusion and I didn't ever think that Johnny beat up Joyce so it didn't really answer any questions. It did however give us a cool glimpse at the monster we've been talking about the entire season and a closer look at the cauldrons which unfortunately presented more questions than answers!

      I felt like Buckley's appearance was a twist that I didn't see coming, but I never really assumed that he was dead just because his notebook was in the helicopter. I thought it was a good season finale moment as it got everyone wondering what was going on which would be great if there was a confirmed second season, but without one it is again a case of more questions & less answers.

      I still think that it was a real television show as I don't see why they would employ so many people, hire Joyce to make a storyline that caused friction and love interests as well as have a real $500,000 prize in the Revealer had it not been a real show that they expected to finish without a hitch. I do think that the show was a ruse to hide the underlining experiment as I said before. Similar to Argo, where they went to all the stops to make a real film including a script and a production company etc. but really had ulterior motives for doing so. I think that the majority of the people involved believed it was a real show while only a few key people knew the real reason they were doing it. I agree that Bukley is part of the experiment as either the lead or the overseer sent there to keep an eye on how things progressed. While Joyce seemed genuinely distraught when she found his clipboard and thought he was dead, he didn't seem very happy to see her and had more of a tone of disappointment rather than excitement that they were still alive. I also agree that the armed men were hired as enforcers to keep them from communicating with the outside world when things went awry so they would simply die off, when they succeeded in finding a way to communicate they were then sent in to finish them off.

      I don't agree that the helicopter or the producers' camp was staged though. I think they were attempting to harness the weapon that caused the Tunguska Event as well as recreate the beast. However they were working off hundred year old material and an expedition from 1927 so when the event happened again they had fresh material to work with which is why Sam said they were looking for a weapon, the weapon they were attempting to recreate, the cauldrons that had recently re-fired. I think that they needed human test subjects to lure out the beast and it worked too well and ended up getting their entire production crew killed which is when they attempted to cover their tracks.
      Continued Below...too many characters :D

    5. ...Continued from above:
      I was totally ridiculed when I suggested aliens in my first theories post but it made no sense to me that the beast was a science mishap as it had been around since at least 1908 way before science had those kind of capabilities. When the cauldrons made their first appearance I was happy as it seemed I had started off on the right track. The only thing I wonder about is the original settlers and the possibility that the Tunguska Event mutated them as there were the 16 circles inside the cauldron. I also think like in Alien vs. Predator the aliens could be the source of the Evenkis' belief in Ogdy as it has a man/bird look as well as the ability to inhabit someone else's body like telekinesis or advanced technology. I think that while I understand you weren't hoping for aliens, the majority of people who look into the Tunguska Event and the cauldrons believe that they were caused by extraterrestrials as even with today's knowledge they still haven't been able to come up with any solid theory regarding the cause, so in a way it is following the documented information about Siberia. I am not personally sold that this is what actually happened in real life, but it is a logical version for a fictional television drama.

      While I do think that time disturbances are part of the plot, I don't like the idea of them being transported back in time in a town 125 miles away right at the exact moment the armed men are entering the building. There are a few problems with this as I go over in my newest post "Siberia Comes to an End" but it would have to mean that the time disturbances cover a huge area which is just improbable. He also didn't seem confused at all like "you guys should be at the settlement". The town being evacuated to a military camp implies that the event concerned the Russian government that a weapon existed in Tunguska that could be aimed at the village and thus they were told to leave. If Bukley was suddenly transported in the town, it would also mean all the other residents came back too & I don't think that makes sense. If there are time disturbances for it to follow a logical storyline they would have to be confined to a certain area as I'm sure a whole town of people suddenly reappering in their houses would be difficult to explain or continue a plot along those lines. I felt like Johnny talking to him was simply because he has become the leader of the group & Joyce's call out to Bukley was more telling. If the show hadn't started and they had a close relationship as shown by her distraught when finding his notebook & the likely meetings before the show began when they hired her he should've been happy to see her or shown some positive emotions. Instead he seemed cold & trite so I think it's more likely he is involved with the experiment.

      Like I said above, I believe the experiment was all about luring the beast & creating a weapon similar to what caused the Tunguska Event thus the Tesla Tower. When the second event took place they returned to try to find it to study it & harness its power.

      I think that I have a lot of information about your questions in my new post about the finale entitled Siberia Comes to an End & I think you will find my final post that will come out Monday "Siberia in Retrospect" to answer a lot of questions & tie everything together with a plausible theory! Thanks for continuing to post your thoughts, I love talking about them & I hope you check out my new posts & add your ideas there as well!

  5. I was pissed after watching the last episode. I couldn't believe the bang up job they did. I know alot of shows like to leave you on a cliff hanger and maybe answer little as possible but WTF was that. Dead dude walks in the room and tells them they shouldn't be there; thats not a cliff-hanger thats not even a closing of an episode.(Under the Dome , had a cliff-hanger if you dont know what one looks like) My son could of wrote that in the scrip; wow so disappointed. Not getting answers to questions doesn't bother me at all except for 1 (season 2?)What did bother me and pissed me off so much was; The Camera men (that giant hole in the scrip) not only did they not react (like they've done all season) but also no one else reacts to them. Yeah you can say they might be part of the show but when things seem to be spinning out of control; like people getting hurt or better yet , soldiers coming to kill you; ( this is where it turns into classic tv) not only were the soldiers not concerned with the camera men but they didn't mind being filmed (are you kidding me) I know it sounds like I'm dumping on the show; I'm not. I have been a fan; a pissed fan; but still a fan of the idea of what they are trying to create. @skhnbc I love what you do; maybe you should be writing for the show. Anyway I'm one of those guys who talks to his tv-set and if I see something that just makes know sense it drives me crazy (the whole season of the Following) So I'm glad I'm hooked up with @GETGLUE and you ,, so instead of welling at the set now i can text; maybe my neighbors wont think I'm crazy anymore ,,,, see ya around.

    1. Hey Andre!

      Thanks for reading & commenting! I agree that the finale was disappointing as so many questions were left unanswered and even more were brought up. I'm not sure if I was ever sold on Bukley being dead as they only found his clipboard which doesn't really mean anything. I actually made sure to never include him in the "helicopter deaths" as I didn't feel confident that there was any actual proof that he died. The cameramen hole upset a lot of people but I wasn't as bothered by it as in most shows, even reality shows the people don't talk to the cameramen so it didn't seem that strange to me. When they did interact it was clear that they didn't even speak English which is something the writers probably added to help make the fact that they didn't interact more plausible. As far as the soldiers, if they were planning on killing them all they might have also intended on destroying the tapes which is why they weren't concerned. In addition if the cameramen & the soldiers are all working for the same experiment leader they could've instructed them to not mess up the footage or for the cameras to keep filming, but I really just feel like I'm scapegoating the production over something they overlooked and probably should've executed better. I appreciate your kind words as I've put a lot of effort and thought into my posts so I'm glad that people are receiving them well! I'm obsessed with logic and even when the smallest things don't add up for me I can't stand it! I'm definitely a TV-screamer too which is one of the reasons I started my blog & I am really enjoying most of the interaction on GetGlue as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & I hope you check out my review & recap of the finale as well as my Siberia in Retrospect as I think I can come up with a plausible scenario that might give some closure to fans! Talk to you soon!

  6. Are you going to put up your blog for the finale soon? Can't wait to read your take on that!

    1. It is up now titled Siberia Come to an End. I will also have a final post on Monday "Siberia in Retrospect" that will look at all the questions that arose over the season & I hope you check that out as well! Thanks for reading!