Saturday, September 21, 2013

Siberia Comes to an End

Wow.  That basically sums up this week's finale of Siberia.  Filled with life or death moments, betrayal, and a glimpse of hope it offered up everything desired in a finale, except answers.  Unlike most shows, Siberia hasn't laid out all the answers for the viewers so my goal has been to gather the information by paying close attention to the events, researching the facts behind the story and logically deducing theories to bring together a plausible narrative to explain the mysteries presented.  Although this post is only covering the final episode, "...Into the Oven", the events that transpired and the questions that arose, I will also be adding a post entitled Siberia in Retrospect on Monday that will include all the mysteries we've seen throughout the season and some logical answers that tie them together.  I also encourage you to check out my Siberia: Facts Edition as well as my previous recaps before you bid adieu to the wonderful journey that is Siberia!  For now, let's jump out of the frying pan and "...Into the Oven" as this shocking episode received mixed reviews, with enough action to please but too few answers for closure, we have to wonder if this was the best way to end a chapter on Siberia
  • Neeko, Sabina, Irene, Esther, Annie and Miljan made their way through the territory of the Valleymen as Merilik had directed them.  While I was hoping for more action, especially after Sasha's whisper last week advising Sabina not to run if she saw "them", the contestants arrived at the science center without any trouble or strange encounters.  However, as they made their final strides Neeko uncovered a sign that clearly spelled out danger as the group realized they had traveled into a minefield.

    Daniel, Sam, Johnny and Joyce ran to greet their fellow contestants but to their dismay Irene was frozen in place atop a pressure sensitive explosion device.  Although the group debated what to do and what would happen if she indeed stepped off, Daniel insisted it was a dud, without any explanation, and proceeded to help Irene move off the dangerous explosive unharmed. 
  • The group shared stories of their separate journeys, including Sam saving Johnny's life after the shock of the tower and the moment when Sam thought he could no longer make it.  He spoke of closing his eyes and being taken back to the moment where he was attempting to fish and Natalie was giving him a hard time.  I wonder if for that brief moment he died or was passing through a purgatory of sorts as Natalie was the one select member he was with and as we know she had lost her life.  Annie stormed off clearly distraught and the others shared the news of the unexpected loss of Natalie.  Sam went to Annie's side and comforted her reciting his own personal experience with the death of his wife explaining that the impact she had on Sam's life would always be with him as Natalie's would always stay with Annie. 
  • Soon after a truck appeared coming down the road and most of the contestants ran to greet what they perceived to be their rescue.  Unfortunately, the group was violently pushed onto their knees and held captive as the armed men argued in Russian over their fate.  Of what Sam was able to translate we learned that they were searching for a weapon, they had killed the scientists inside and they had every intention of murdering the group as well.  Joyce attempted to negotiate with the men but when she claimed their entire group was present and they uncovered her lie they strapped her to the front of the truck.

  • As the armed men counted down to Joyce's execution, suddenly, something drew the attention of the armed men away from the group and they were able to run into one of the structures and barricaded themselves inside.  Johnny took a daring risk and untied Joyce, bringing her to safety with the others amidst the gunfire.  The group heard explosion after explosion as the building rocked with each impact.  It was clear that the minefield was active and the loud animal-like screeching implied it was the Valleymen who had come to their aid.
  • The group used the Valleymen's distraction to nab the truck and take off.  However, they quickly noticed that Annie had not made it into the vehicle with them and though they stopped to let her on, she was struck by a bullet as the men redirected their shots towards the fleeing group.  The contestants mourned Annie's death while previewing her journal that contained sketches of each of them.  While Annie was not the first to die amongst the group, the fact that they witnessed her demise first-hand was something that none of them could shake.

  • On route to the town Johnny had previously found on the map, the truck hit an ice patch and swerved off the road, leaving them stuck in a pile of snow.  Daniel informed Esther that the town was now only a few miles away and they proceeded to push the vehicle to freedom.  Unsuccessful, Esther approached Johnny who was driving and claimed they needed his strength to push and that she would steer.  Why they continue to believe her ridiculous claims is beyond me, but as the truck regained its traction Esther drove down the road never stopping or even looking back.  Miljan informed them that she had once again played them as she had taken the money from the Revealer and now was home free with all $500,000 and they were left stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • The group walked the remainder of the distance to the town but when they arrived they found everything was not as expected.  The town was abandoned.  Sam translated a sign that had been posted ordering the town to evacuate to the nearest Russian military camp and though they called out in hope of stragglers left behind no one returned their cries.

    They located the truck Esther had escaped in unfortunately with no Esther and no money.  While the contestants pillaged the open storefronts for a way to contact help (again) they were met with the familiar dilemma of no electricity and no phone service.  In the distance Christmas lights shone off a balcony and the group raced to the building to see if it was inhabited.
  • Although the apartment was abandoned, they were blessed with electricity and a fridge filled with fresh food that they quickly took advantage of.  Miljan came across a gun which he hid on his person and Daniel finally mustered up the courage to kiss Irene.  While they all were eating, drinking and seemingly enjoying each others' company like a family at Thanksgiving, Joyce noticed a tape Sabina had pulled out amongst the things she had stashed.  Recalling that while she and Johnny lost their memory in the woods the footage was said to have gone missing, they immediately inserted the tape into the television.  The scene before them flickered to life beginning with the two arguing as we had previously seen, they then came upon one of the cauldrons in which they noticed what looked to be cuneiform (same as the symbol of the Valleymen) writing along the edge and a circle composed of sixteen points within.  The two continued back to the settlement, non-afflicted, when out of frustration Johnny punched a tree explaining the marks the others had noticed on his hands.  The camera cut out and when the picture reappeared it was night, the two were obviously spooked as they hid behind a tree listening and watching for any movement.  Suddenly, a beast appeared between the trees and began chasing the two and as they barley escaped when a bright spotlight flashed in the sky followed by the entire atmosphere lighting up in a green cross-stitch pattern as the contestants had witnessed at the camp distracting both them and likely the beast.

    It wasn't until after this that the two became agitated and confused not remembering the strange creature or the cauldron that they had just encountered.  Before they had time to analyze the intense video they had witnessed, a commotion outside led the group to the window where they saw a group of men similar in appearance as those whom they had just fled from at the science center entering the very building they inhabited.  The group hid in anticipation and a rattling of keys could be heard as the door swung open.  Rounding the corner was the last person they expected to see, host Jonathon Buckley appeared before them and with a perplexed look he sternly uttered a final line to last through the ages: "You're not supposed to be here".

The season finale of Siberia had viewers on the edge of their seats, however, the jaw-dropping ending left the majority of the audience confused and wanting more.  "...Into the Oven" made for an excellent ending with a jam-packed episode that kept viewers on their feet and while this sounds like a good thing, with no news of a second season it left us with few answers and even more questions.  Personally, I feel both ways as it was an amazing episode, but I was disappointed that the group traveling through the Valeymen's territory didn't have some encounter with them and the surprising ending left me mainly with guesses rather than logical clues to follow like the rest of the season provided.  Overall Siberia was an interesting ride; at first the reality competition aspect of the show had me bored and came out of the gates a little slow for my taste.  However, as the season progressed each episode became more and more intriguing as subtle clues were presented and discovering the wealth of truth behind the show was an ingenious move by the creators.  Siberia is the type of show where answers were not laid out on a silver platter for the audience and while it was a hit for the inquisitive viewer, I fear that it also had a large portion of its target audience turning away as they didn't want a show that engaged their minds.  It's competition, the television remake of Stephen King's novel Under the Dome, presented the answers to the questions that arose in an extremely slow manner that turned me away as there wasn't much thinking involved and the results were often obvious and took entire episodes for the characters to solve.  This classifies Siberia in my book as a smart series with mind-bending storylines, characters that we loved to love or loved to hate and an unusual number of unknown outside forces that effected the contestants.  This was a great episode for a confirmed return of the series next summer but I'm concerned that without another season we will be left with nothing more than conjecture and theories which is a huge let down.  I wish that the audience was provided with more concrete information to go on as as it stands there is a whole world of possibilities.  However, that won't stop me from taking what we were given and hypothesizing just where this story is leading us, so let's move right on to the new questions that arose and just what might be going on in Siberia!

I've learned from reading the various message boards and comments that no matter how logical an explanation I offer, people will ultimately believe what they want to believe, as I got a lot of slack in the beginning for offering up aliens as a possible cause of the Tunguska Event.  This combined with the fact that various television shows over the years have failed to create that perfect story with no loopholes means that even if my theories can logically explain everything, that doesn't mean that's necessarily the direction the show will choose.  Nevertheless I will conclude my Siberia chronicles with a quick recap of the questions and some final theories as to what has happened in this episode for you to make your own decision.

1. How did Daniel know the one mine Irene was on was a dud?
  • Short version: luck?  I couldn't find anything online about determining a dud from an actual explosive, so I really can't answer how Daniel came to that conclusion.  I thought maybe the snow or the cold could effect its capabilities but as the minefield was clearly active shortly after Irene successfully stepped off the device I have no real answer for this particular question.  I'm open to hearing your thoughts and theories about this so please feel free to comment below!
2. Why did the Valleymen attack?
  • Although I predicted the Valleymen attacking the armed men to help the contestants escape, while watching I wondered if I was on point or if there was another possibility.  Due to the fact the group was travelling through the Valleymen's territory on top of Sasha's advice to not run if they saw them I was expecting some sort of encounter between the two.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  I originally theorized that because Miljan obviously has a connection to the beasts they would not want to see him harmed, thus when the rescue team threatened his life, they would attack in order to help him.  This very well could have been the case.
  • However, a second idea crossed my mind.  The Evenkis used the snowshoes that matched the mark of the Valleymen so the beasts would not follow them.  I wonder if instead, the Valleymen simply followed the group's human footprints to the science center and coincidentally had impeccable timing.  Given a choice, I like my original theory better, it provides more of a storyline between Miljan and the Valleymen that we did not get to see played out albeit the Valleymen simply following the tracks is quite possible as well.
3. What was the weapon the military group was searching for?
  • Sam translated the Russian men's conversation and uncovered they were at the science center looking for a weapon.  If the scientists were responsible for attempting to duplicate the Tunguska Event and the tower is in fact a copy of the Wardenclyffe tower (see: Siberia: Facts Edition) it would be a powerful directed-energy weapon that could also explain some of the other mysteries in this episode.  However, if opposed to my original theory that the science center was responsible for second Tunguska blast and in fact it was the cauldrons, which very well may be the writer's explanation for the original Tunguska Event as well(see: Siberia: Facts Edition), I think that yields a plausible theory that the men were looking for the cauldrons.  While I'm not sold that these metal huts are alien weaponry left in the Siberian wilderness, it is a logical direction for the show.  I believe they are looking for what caused the "fire in the sky" as before they were researching a one hundred year old event and footage from 1927, when now they know that it is in Tunguska and was used more recently so they have set out to find it.
4. Why was the town evacuated?
  • I think that this fits perfectly into the weapon the armed men were searching for.  Had a powerful blast like that occurred it is feasible that nearby towns would be evacuated for safety reasons, as it could have been a misfire or a test run, as well as the continuing danger that would exist had a weapon of that nature deployed aimed at the town.  However, this theory also comes with the question: Wouldn't the Russian military be searching for the cause?  I'm at a dilemma with that one because I don't believe the armed men are Russian military.  I don't think the military would have killed the scientists inside or damaged the equipment and locked the door behind themselves.  I think that the idea that this group is working with the science center is the most plausible answer, they killed the scientists and destroyed the radio tower so no one could communicate out.  They asked if this was all of them as they didn't know which contestants had made it through the harsh conditions.  If this is the case, it backs up the theory that they didn't want the group to ever leave Siberia as they were ready to execute them.  This also means that the tower didn't cause the second event as if they had deployed their own weapon, they probably wouldn't be looking for it.  What I obtain from this line of reasoning is that while they were attempting to recreate the event, they did not succeed thus the second event must have been caused by the cauldrons. 
  • While I do still think that time discrepancies play a part in the show, I don't think this is the case involving the second Tunguska-like event.  If they had flashed back to 1908 and were experiencing the original Tunguska Event it would mean that the entire world or at least Russia was jumping back and forth with them.  I've come to this conclusion because for the Russian government to evacuate a nearby town would mean they witnessed the effects as well miles away, so while I do think time disruptions are involved I don't think the "fire in the sky" was a trip back to 1908. 
5. Where did Esther go? & Did she collude with others for the cash prize?
  • Esther didn't seem to know about the nearby town so I'm not sure about the idea of her planning to meet up with someone there however, Esther is a pro at lying so she could have just been plying dumb.  While I think that a reasonable twist would be to have her working with the cameraman who she blackmailed or even the host to get out with the money, there aren't really any facts or clues to go by so these ideas are nothing more than a guess.  If the goal was for Esther to get out and meet with someone, I'm not sure how she could've planned to escape and trek over a hundred miles alone.  I honestly think Esther is on her own, on the run attempting to get as far away with the money as possible!  
6. What is the significance of the cauldron & it's markings?

left: outside of the cauldron found by Johnny & Joyce;  right: inside
  • I think the most important thing to take away from the cauldron was the sixteen dots in a circular formation.  While there is conjecture about this being related to the contestants, I don't really think that is the most plausible explanation as two were eliminated right off the bat and there were never sixteen contestants staying at the settlement.  Instead, I think it is related to the 1908 settlers.  In my first theories post, I hypothesized the possibility that the original settlers were somehow mutated through alien technology and might be the creatures in the woods.  The sixteen dots strengthen this theory as they may have engraved the cauldron after the Tunguska Event changed them, or the markings appeared on the cauldron as a result of the transformation.  In addition, I had wondered about how Sam's bracelet from a 1908 settler ended up in the shallow waters today.  One of my theories was that a beast still wore it as a reminder of who they used to be.  If this is the case and the original sixteen settlers were transformed it connects a good amount of dots to create a plausible theory, including why they became enemies with the Evenkis as they were believed to have caused the event.
7. What happened to Johnny & Joyce?
  • While there are a lot of people out there wondering if the cauldrons caused the two's confusion in the episode "Fire in the Sky", I felt like the tape gave my theory concrete proof that it was not the cauldrons but the lights in the sky.  In this episode we saw the tape of what happened to the two while alone in the woods which provided answers to at least a few of the lingering questions out there.  We witnessed that as the two argued they came across a cauldron with unusual markings, after studying it the continued forward and didn't show any sign of confusion or disorientation.  Suddenly they were attacked by the beast, our first glance at the Valleymen which was a terrifying one (see picture below), this is what caused Joyce's abrasions and Johnny's battered hand was from nothing more than punching a tree.  After the lights in the sky progressed the two suddenly didn't remember the cauldron, the Valleyman or how they became injured, so ultimately it was pretty clear to me that the event caused their confusion.   
8. What can we take from the final visualization of the beast?
  • I feel comfortable making the Valleymen and the beast synonymous.  The creature we saw attack Johnny and Joyce had the same foot structure as the footprints that Merilik explained was the mark of the Valleymen as well as the tracks Daniel found at the site of Tommy's death.  I also am pretty happy with the conclusion that they are aliens as there are many who believe both the Tunguska Event and the Cauldrons are extraterrestrial in nature.  The one thing that I think is still unknown, is whether the aliens actually ever visited Siberia as the Valleymen may be the original settlers who were transformed during the Tunguska Event.  While I at first believed that Miljan was related to the Evenki tribe, he seemed terrified by their presence and we learned that his actual connection was to the Valleymen.  If the Valleymen began as humans he could still be related to one of the original settlers and through their alien technologies or abilities they are able to communicate with him through telekinesis that sparked the Evenkis belief that shaman could inhabit one's body.

    above: Valleyman chasing after Johnny & Joyce
    [picture from]
9. What was Buckley doing there?
  • The host's arrival with the armed men combined with the look on his face and his tone of voice makes me think that he is in cahoots with the scientists.  Possibly, that he was placed there to keep an eye on the progress of the experiment.  It is possible that he is the mastermind behind the show and the testing as he looked on the contestants with disapproval.  I've put a lot of thought into this question and I don't believe that his clipboard in the helicopter means that he was aboard when it crashed.  In addition, he wasn't like the Jeff Probst of the show where he needed to be present at the producers' camp as he rarely interacted with the contestants.  He also lied to them about Tommy's "accident" which adds suspicion that he knew what was actually going on.  There are only two possibilities of where this could lead, either he helps the contestants or he attempts to capture and kill them once again.  The only logical reason I can deduct from him having an apartment with keys in the only building with power in an evacuated town is that he is there to oversee the experiment at both the science center and the progress of the show.  I think his final line was both telling and confusing as he didn't embrace Joyce nor did he seem pleased that the group was alive and well meaning that he knew of the events that had transpired and believed them to be dead.  I don't believe that he is part of Esther's betrayal as she wasn't aware of the town or had any assurances she would be able to escape and travel over one-hundred miles to a rendezvous point with Buckley, I think it's much more likely he is the overseer of the entire operation.

I think that this encompasses all the questions arose in the Siberia season finale.  However, as there were so many questions presented over the course of the season I will be doing an additional post that will come out Monday as an attempt to fill the void entitled Siberia in Retrospect. There I will revisit all the mysteries from the season with the finite answers we have, my logical deductions of what else is going on and the conundrums that left no real clues allowing the imagination to run wild!  Don't stop theorizing yet!  Keep tweeting #SiberiaSeason2 as even if NBC doesn't renew it, a confirmed fan base increases the chance of it being picked up by another network and we may still gain answers.  As always, please comment below with your thoughts and if you haven't checked out some of my older posts, click around for more theories, facts and recaps!  You can also check out my website, still under construction,, which will serve as a hub for all my blogs covering a plethora of networks!  Enjoy!


  1. How did Daniel know the mine was a dud?

    Daniel knew because it didn't explode when Irene stepped on it. For added drama, movies like to portray mines exploding when someone steps on and off a mine. I think the reality is most mines explode the moment someone steps on them.

    1. Interesting, I'll have to look into that. From what I know they are pressure plates that trigger when weight is applied then explode when the weight is removed. So do you think that the Valleymen killed themselves when the other mines exploded by stepping on them? As it is their territory I would think that they would be aware of how they work so I would guess the armed men would have been the ones detonating them as they moved closer to the Valleymen.

      Thanks for reading & the adding this information! Please check back as my Siberia in Retrospect should be a dream for theorist as I have a list of every question that has come up & my thoughts on what's really going on!

  2. Thanks for creating these posts. I have enjoyed reading them and love Siberia. Hoping for a second season. Sabina's locket and skeleton issue needs an answer!

    1. Thanks for reading! I agree, while I love theorizing we definitely need some real answers! Please check out my next post on Monday Siberia In Retrospect, as I have a few ideas regarding the skeleton!

  3. I don't believe Esther was working with any one person. She slept in Miljan's bed until it no longer served her. She slept with the cameraman one time then showed no intention to do so again once she told him she had the tape. Esther is an opportunistic user. Only when she thinks it will aide her in winning the money will she engage. She obviously met up with someone or she wouldn't have ditched the truck but I do not think it was part of her plan as I don't believe she had a plan from the start. I imagine she met with an as yet unknown nefarious character who will not take her to safety but take the money and leave her to her fate. One can hope.

    Buckely's statement puzzles me. He wasn't indignant as though they messed up his plan. I perceived his attitude to be more of confusion like what are you doing here? why aren't you at the settlement being filmed?

    I too expected more of the journey through the Valleymen's territory and Miljan's connection to them to be utilized in some way to protect them. Sasha's warning to Sabina led me to believe there would be an encounter with the Valleymen. I think the merging of the last two episodes cost us a lot of answers.

    Your blogs are great and help me work out my own theories. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the research. Hoping for a second season. Way too many unanswered questions.


    1. I don't like the Esther question because there aren't really any facts or clues so we are left with only guesses as to what she did or who she is in cahoots with. While I agree that she very well may have seen someone & stopped, I don't think her plan was necessarily to meet up with someone. She very well may have stopped because she is in the middle of nowhere & if she continued she had no guarantee of running out of gas & being stranded. She's smart although evil and I think that it's likely she stopped to find a map, food, water etc. to plan where to go next. We also don't know the gas situation as they travelled over 120 miles in a huge gas guzzler so I think it would be smart to find a map and get a less conspicuous car to get away.

      As far as Bukley I got that impression too the first time I watched. But after viewing multiple times the look in his eyes & his tone of voice wasn't confusion as much as disappointment. I agree he was slightly confused as he didn't expect them to be there, but as he entered with the armed men & didn't embrace them I think he is more nefarious then was apparent while first watching. There is just too much that doesn't add up in him being there for me to think that he was simply surprised by their presence. He was in an abandoned town, in the only building with electricity & as he wasn't active in the show it doesn't make sense for him t have an apartment nearby, it seems like they'd just fly him out for the finale when the cash was awarded. I'm not sure how many times you viewed it, but you should check it out again & let me know what you think if you haven't already done so as I had to watch a few times before I was comfortable giving my impressions!

      I was super disappointed about the Valleymen territory as well, and I thought the whole mine scene with Irene was unnecessary. If this was the cost of the merging of episodes, I wish they would've given more screen time to the Valleymen & less to the mines.

      Thank you for reading & commenting! I really love shows that make you think and this one was a gold mine! I think it would be a travesty to leave us hanging with so many unanswered questions as well. Theorizing is fun but without real answers it doesn't mean much!

  4. One more thought. The first explosion occurred while the soldiers were standing waiting for Joyce's execution. It was the distraction that allowed the contestants to be ushered into the building. I think the Valleymen followed Sabina and crew's tracks right into the mine field and it was one of them stepping on a mine that set off the explosion. The soldiers began to fire and the remaining Valleymen responded by attacking. Finally having a look at them it seems obvious to me they are more beast than human and likely lacking in any knowledge of land mines or the need to avoid them. I cannot recall any thing thus far to indicate they had ever come close to the research center and the mine fields could have been a new experience for them.


    1. I don't think that even if the Valleymen are more animal than human they would live in this territory for over 100 years and not know about the mines. I think it's more likely they used a stick or something to cause the first explosion rather than being blow up themselves. They are obviously somewhat smart and I could see them making that mistake long ago, but since the minefield was in their territory I just can't see them being oblivious to it. I think that they stuck to their area which is why they never ventured to the science center & the fact that the minefield separated their territory from the science center makes it more plausible that it's another reason they previously stayed away. But you never know, it really depends on who or what they are and how intelligent and aware of their surroundings! :D

  5. I just want to let you know that I was and still am so greatful for your site. It sure helped me along the way when I had so many theories poping into my head. This is the first time that I have ever looked for a social site over a show, and although I enjoyed everyones input, I found comfort in knowing that I could read your thoughts and logical theories over all.


    1. Thank You so much! I know it sounds crazy for someone who blogs to not have checked out blogs before but I'm in your same position! Every time I tried I could never find anything with any depth so that's what inspired me! This is my first blog, along with the show Whodunnit? that was running at the same time, and I am surprised I was able to reach so many people! Thanks for reading and I am so glad that you liked it! :D

  6. First, I want to thank you for creating this site and the feedback it contains.

    Regarding Esther, although very devious and not trustworthy, she is very smart and would seize on the opportunity to ditch the truck and grab one of the smaller abandoned vehicles that were noticeable when the rest arrived in the deserted town.

    The land mine, yes it could have been a dud when immediately stepped on as the trigger did not release then, but over time it may have freed and then fired. This caused the distraction and the resultant firing in that direction. Could be that the Valleymen were already just observing and waiting for an opportune time to attack. With this they were forced to respond.

    Also could Buckley's remark be as simple as the town was evacuated and contained notices not to be there and to evacuate immediately.

  7. Hey Shayla.
    First off, Blessings n light in your time of ill health.
    *places right fist on open left palm and bows*

    to the mind melting subject at hand...i've jus watched the whole series in a day and then read nearly all your blogs...excellent work ! *removes hat and gives slight bow*
    Not gona get all windy here myself as i'm still processing a lot, i'd like better to drop some clues for you.
    The mines. I there's a map in the science compound that shows where they are and Danny figured out her position in regard to it and thought she'd be OK.
    It is procedure to map mine positions while laying them (for obvious reasons) and i did see a map with many pins in it and immediately thought MINE FIELD.

    You don't seem to have given the markings on the outside of the Cauldron much thought. That's not some made up scratches, that is the oldest written form of language on the planet,..Sumerian cuneiform. The Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia (modern day IRAQ = birthplace of civilisation ) created (according to orthodox history that not all of us agree with) the 1st city states, organised government, taxes and formal religion...and some say (Zacharia Sitchin & followers) that they were taught by the Annunaki, who came from Nibiru - ALIENS. This has long been refuted by nearly all Sumerian scholars who say Sitchin ran away with himself on the translations and he never sat and proved his versions of translations with any other scholar...
    BUT..having had a skeg at the ones on the side of the cauldron i can tell you that the very last symbol is 'AN' which does translate as God from above..ALIIEEENS! ;)
    I tried, as a lil work on your behalf in return for the sterling work you've given us in your blog, to decypher the rest but without the full Cuneiform dictionary it's pretty dam hard.
    1st Symbol = RE or ER. 2nd= HU. 3rd = ES, IS or BA. 4th doing me frickin head in as i can't find one even close to it in my humble research material..and then 5th = AN = God from above/ above all others.

    The Valleymen. "If you see them, don't move" Lizard/bird vision defined by movement (the classic Jurassic 5 errr i mean Park skit)
    relevance of the hawk linked to that possibly and also, symbology of the hawk pertaining to Horus and another sky god ? maybe. Everything else in the lan seemed messed the heckidy heck up except the hawk...that stuck with me...and they free it...empathy with the Valleymen? hmmm..heh..sorry, i get deep into symbology.

    The Cauldron is what the beam of light is in my opinion. They had just been there, then night n they run from the Valleyman and the beam is seen and the valleymen no longer pursue and they become disorientated and forgetful, jus as the Evenkis lady says happens around them. We are given to believe the Tesla Tower is quite some distance from the camp and that beam looks to be quite close to them as it streams, linked with the valleymen pursuit and then seeming to thinks Tesla Tower is possibly a red herring.

    Thats all for now, off the top of me noggin (head).
    I do hope you are on the mend and feeling better, much love, lil lady and i hope to see your final (?) posting soon.

    *places right fist on open left palm and bows low*


    1. ..OH..and of course...the one symbol for the Valleymen is AN. ;)

      Toodle pip!

    2. ..and this just in...
      the 4th symbol means BIRD.
      3rd means Sun.

      that's the only other references i've found to Cuneiform & Siberia...
      man alive they've come up with a corking storyline !!!
      (and your blog is by far the most superior thing i've found).

      time to make like a view of the ocean and say
      Sea Ya!

    3. Hello!
      Thank you for your kind wishes and I'm am so happy that you have enjoyed all my Siberia work! I did see the map, but didn't notice the minefield part to which you're referring but that is a good catch! I still don't quite understand that even if he had seen the map how he knew she would be okay as she had still stepped on one. Are you saying it's common to have duds on the perimeter? If so, that is very interesting and something I didn't know!

      About the markings on the cauldrons, I know that a lot of people (especially those who have just seen the episode) skip over my recaps and go straight to the theories, so I try to incorporate facts and thoughts into the recaps as well. In this post, if you check out the part in the storyline about the group viewing the video with Johnny & Joyce studying the cauldron you'll see that I did talk about the fact that they are cuneiform wedges that connects back to the Valleymen symbol as it is the Mesopotamian wedge for Anu or God. I'm actually a teacher and I did a lesson on Mesopotamia not to long ago so I was excited to immediately notice the wedge marks! Your other information about Sumer is quite interesting and I will check that out. I know that the ziggurat was a common structure in the area as well as the idea that many believe that it was impossible to construct these temples without more modern technology and thus believe that aliens helped these ancient civilizations.

      Thanks for checking out those translations! As I try to publish my recaps as soon as possible after airing, I don't normally have time to research so I just add what I already know and then put the info on the following post. Like the cauldrons, when they first came across them I knew a bit about the fact that many believe they are extraterrestrial in origin but I didn't go into that until the following post after I had time to really dig into it! I appreciate you looking it up as that was something I really wanted to figure out!

      Another good point with the Valleymen! It makes complete sense that as they have a connection to birds that movement spooks them. I really like your iconography attempts as I think that they have a lot of these motifs in Siberia. I figured the hawk was for the DNA to try to recreate the beast as it as bird relations. I think that Joyce's instance on freeing it comes not from the sky god angle but more from her past. She was apparently held in a captive country with a hostile government who killed her family. Her uncle helped to free her and he is now dying so she needed the money from the job to try to pay for his medical costs. So basically she knows what it feels like to be trapped and wanted to free the bird as she was also freed. However as Horus is also know to have the head of a falcon, I do find that an interesting connection, although it is Egyptian and most of the references have been to Mesopotamia. Horus is also the god of the sun, war & protection, which means you could go tons of directions with that! Was the falcon a symbol that goes along with the synchronicity or fate of the contestants like he's protecting them? Or maybe a scary foreboding regarding the military men, the Valleymen or the Evenki as the Valleymen & the Evenki were at war before the truce & possibly the contestants will find themselves in a similar position with whomever is running the experiment?! Unfortunately those are all just guesses at this point.
      continued below...

    4. ...continued from above
      I agree that the cauldrons caused the "fire in the sky" however, I'm not so sure the Tesla Tower is a red herring, but rather a sort of proof or hint that the scientists were trying to recreate the power of the cauldrons using the most logical scientific methods today. Another point is that the Tesla Tower is said to be able to decimate an entire area from thousands of miles away with no trace of where it originated - which was Tesla's explanation himself, so I don't think the proximity matters but I do agree the cauldrons were the cause rather than the tower. As far as Joyce & Johnny's confusion, I don't agree that they were caused by the cauldrons per say. The Evenki women, Merilik said it caused people to loose their way and both contestants made it back to the settlement fine. She didn't say anything about causing confusion. However, I do think that their disorientation came from the lights in the sky which was caused by the cauldrons. I just don't think that if others studied the cauldrons they would have the same memory gap, only if they are activated would that happen in my opinion from the events we saw on the footage.

      Thank you so much for reading & commenting! You have a ton of great ideas & stellar information! Please check back in a day or so for my Siberia In Retrospect as I'm home now & able to get it all finished, it's pretty awesome and I think it's up there next to my Siberia Facts Edition & Theories posts as it goes over all the strange events, some of which I had totally forgotten about, and provides answers or concrete theories for almost every question. Please feel free to comment on that post as well as I'd love to hear your input!

    5. Oh and great cuneiform translations! I plan on looking them up as well and attempting to uncover them all! I think I have some of the commonly used ones in a text book so hopefully words like "bird" & "sun" will come up as well as the others! :D