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Siberia: Theories Blown Open!

Throughout the first episodes of Siberia we have slowly been leaked clues about the mysteries underneath the reality competition.  While I have individual posts recapping the events and oddities, I thought it would be a good idea to just lay out what we know and hypothesize regarding what is really going on.  This post is based on all the information we have learned thus far under the assumption you are up to date with the episodes.  If not, I encourage you to check out my previous posts where you can easily browse through the events to get the gist of what has happened.  I am a mathematician, particularly a logician, so I accept the premises we have been given as truth and try to find my way to a logical conclusion, but in a fictional show anything goes!  Below I point out the real events of 1908, as well as what we have seen, to try and better understand the story within.  I would love to hear your thoughts, as well as start a dialogue, so please feel free to comment!  Let's check out the questions Siberia has posed so far, enjoy!
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  1. What happened to the original settlers?

    • While I normally like to base all my theories only on what we see in the show, I made an exception here because this is a real event in Siberian history and with a bit of research I was able to find out a few interesting facts:
      1. The "Tunguska Event" happened at 7:15 AM on June 30, 1908; it is the biggest event of its kind in known history.  People observed what looked to be fire in the sky or a "second sun" falling into our atmosphere.
      2. While researchers have tried to explain it away as a comet or meteor, no one can seem to come to a consensus as the minerals found and the eyewitness accounts don't quite line up with either theory.
      3. Atop that there was no evidence left behind, such as a piece of a meteor or comet like would be expected.  Instead for the days following the event the skies continued to glow which is a phenomenon having to do with ice particles (which were found at the site) that has also been seen when space shuttles enter the earth's atmosphere.
      4. The shape had what is referred to as a "wingspan" resembling a butterfly.
      5. To make it even more eerie, when overhead photos were taken of the site, they were ordered to be burned.
      6. While theories are all over the place, the strangest was the idea that it was a black hole traveling through Earth, but it was dismissed because there was no evidence it came out the other side.
    • Although I am pretty good with my sciences, I am no meteor, comet or black hole expert but this info did spark a few theories I find to be plausible.
      1. The original event was an alien space craft.  It would explain why it left no remnants; either because the craft was moved, left earth, or has the ability to cloak itself in order to not be seen.  (I realize that I am talking about a real event and am implying there are actually aliens in the Siberian woods, but I'm going out on a limb in order to theorize what's happening on the fictional show.)
      2. Due to the fact there was no evidence of a black hole exiting on the other side of Earth, it could possibly have been a wormhole which is believed in fringe science to have the capabilities to transfer objects, people, beasts, etc. through space and time.  I like this theory a bit more because there is no need to explain how a spacecraft left or remained undetected, rather it could be that the wormhole simply transported alien creatures from light-years away to earth and they remain in the Siberian woods.
    • Even after all this you still have to ask yourself, what happened to the original settlers?  Were they killed by the aliens?  Were they transported back through the worm hole or on the ship?  Were they effected by the event and possibly mutated like the frog?  Are they still there?  I know that last one seems impossible, maybe even improbable, due to the age they must be.  However, if the extraterrestrial event did affect their composition in some way, their lifespan could have been extended.  Plus I don't believe for a second that after a hundred-plus years a bracelet from an original settler would still be just laying in shallow waters (referring to what Sam found in episode 3; see Siberia Gets Into the Thick of It).  Unless the beast also thought it to be a good luck charm and has been wearing it around, could the settlers have been transformed into the beings and Anne held onto it all this time?  The similar name to Annie also made me think of a House on Haunted Hill type of situation where the cast members are descendants of the original settlers.  No matter how you slice it, right now I have no real answer to this question; but I do have some concrete theories now that I know more about the original event and I hope you do too.  There is a little more about what could have happened to the settlers in the sections below.
  2. What is the beast in the woods?

    • While at first I thought that the unknown beast in the woods could have been formed through science experimentation, which could also explain the mutated frog, DNA manipulation didn't come until around World War II, well after this event.  In addition the cave drawings showing the beast seems to be from long before that.  (More about both of these are in their own sections below.)
    • Whether a creation of science or an alien it is clear that this beast is big and strong.  I originally hypothesized that it was an Alien vs. Predator type situation where they visit Earth, but it has become clear that however they came to be they have been part of the Siberian habitat for thousands of years.  In addition, if they are only visitors we know that at least one got left behind.  It could have been left to guard the area, it is possible the settlers were transformed and are still there, but we know they have come back at least once and I think they're about to pay another visit! 
    • I don't believe they are predators by nature.  They don't seem interested in attacking the contestants and I'm not sure if Tommy wandered into their area or if they hold the mushrooms to be valuable, as they attacked him right after the fungi was uprooted, implying they were offended in some way.  In real history, when a group went to study the impact site of the Tunguska Event, their local guides refused to go too far in fear of the "Valleymen".  I believe this is what the cameraman was referring to after Tommy's attack when he repeated "I saw them" in Russian.  It was also interesting that when Daniel and Sabina were being chased by the beast, when they stopped it stopped like its goal was to run them off rather than attack them.  The other big event was the mauled tiger at the end of "Lyin' and Tiger and Bare", that posed the question: why would the beast attack the tiger?  I think that because it obviously didn't eat the tiger and it was practically placed right outside the settlement, it served as the beast's way of warning the contestants not to veer to deep into the woods.  While I firmly believe the beast is really an alien that traversed a wormhole, the question of what happened to the settlers still there bothers me.  Did they stray too far into these "Valleymen's" territory?  Possibly, in line with the cave art discussed below, they tried to hunt the beast like the early humans and met their demise.  I also question the number of beasts, is there only one or do they have their own settlement of many?  These are all plausible questions that I don't yet have answers for.
  3. What do the cave drawings represent and why are they important?

    • If I continue with my axiom that the original event, as well as the beast, is extraterrestrial in nature, rather than man-made, then I would have to account for its presence before the 1908 event.  What I originally discounted as a sun, upon repeat views I noticed there is a sun as well as a large spiral in the cave drawings that reminds me of the wormholes in the series Sliders.  This could easily have been the ancient peoples' way of depicting either a spaceship, that the 1908 reports described as a "second sun", or my leading theory, a wormhole.  This means that the beast is an alien in the woods and has come to Earth before 1908.  The drawings themselves didn't really seem that cryptic to me, it showed early humans using spears to kill the beast and, if you look closely, the being seems to have a weapon of its own in hand.  Thus our beloved cast might not just be up against aliens, wormholes, and a superior being but enhanced weaponry as well.  The description I used in my blog for that episode(see Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods) was an Anubis-looking creature, similar to human in form, with two-pronged feet (which matches the tracks found in the woods near Tommy's death site), three-pronged hands and a hooded cobra-like head.  I think the important thing to take from the drawing is simply that Siberians have been fighting whatever "it" is for thousands of years.
  4. What secrets can be deduced from the mutated frog?

    • In the first episode Daniel found a frog with an extra leg.  While this could be nothing, as this has happened before in nature, I don't think the show would include it if it wasn't important.  My first thoughts were that it had to do with the unknown presence in the woods.  Possibly that the beast is a mutated human and the same thing caused malformations in the frog.  While I'm not totally sure (now that I am leaning towards wormhole aliens, rather than science experiment gone wrong) it is plausible that the Tunguska event caused the mutation as high concentrations of various elements were deposited and it isn't related to the beast.
  5. Who is Sabina? (and yes I think she has the gun)

    • In the first episode she beat the fastest men and was able to reach the settlement before the others.  To me this implies that she is familiar with the terrain and likely has a different motive than the others for being in Siberia.
    • If she has more knowledge of their habitat then my supposition would be that she was able to make it to the gun before the others.
    • Daniel found her in a hidden cave, in which she warned him not to enter claiming there is a drop-off and it is dangerous.  Again with her knowledge of the area this is likely her home base where she is plotting her course of action.  If she did steal the gun and bullets, this is probably where she has hidden them.
    • Finally since Siberia was where Jewish prisoners were sent in the 1900's and she is an Israeli soldier, I believe Sabina could be Mossad, the CIA of Israel, who sends its members on various missions.  With her familiarity of the terrain and obvious secrecy, I think her goal is related to the beast; whether it is to track and contain it or possibly destroy the being altogether.
  6. What is the importance of Victoria's vision and the mushrooms?

    • You had to pay close attention in the first episode to grab the line Sam read from the Revealer's paper concerning the mushrooms.  It said that they were used for rituals by the original settlers, for this reason I think they hold important value.  Depending on what happened to the settlers they may still be important to them or to the beast.
    • I assume if you're reading this you know what happened with Esther, Victoria and mushrooms, if you need a recap check out Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods.  Anyhow, Victoria ate the uncooked fungi and had a "trip" of epic proportions.  While she was obviously agitated and delirious she mentioned butterflies, the sky being green and on fire, and "you're all dead".  It became clear when Victoria chose to leave that she believed the mushrooms have the ability to show the consumer the future and what will happen next to the contestants was too grim for her to stay.  Perhaps another member of the group will attempt to also eat the uncooked mushrooms and get a glimpse into their future in order to help save them all!
    • What was most interesting about her vision was the prophecy that they all would die.  If they don't travel into the "Valleymen's" territory they should be fine, right?  But perhaps something more sinister is about to happen (like in Alien vs. Predator the Predators came every so often to hunt the Alien and show their superiority) such as another event in which the wormhole reappears and the beasts hunt the human settlers and what happened in 1908 will repeat itself.  Who knows if the contestants are decedents, maybe there will be a House on Haunted Hill moment where only one contestant survives because they are adopted!  I am not sure about the butterflies and the only thing that strikes me is that the Tunguska Event crater was described as butterfly-like in shape.    
  7. How many of the eerie events are the producers, and how many are something else entirely?

    •  The appearance and disappearance of the tiger as well as the spear labeled "get out" in Russian, I believe to be warnings from the beast in the woods.  However we have to scrutinize the clues and guess whether the noises, movement and people seen in the wilderness are props executed by production to scare the contestants or from the unknown presence that haunts the Tunguska area.

     ✓ What is Carolina hiding?

    • She is the only cast member who doesn't use her real name.
    • Daniel mentioned in the first episode that she was familiar.
    • This one stumps me.  However while she may be lying about who she is, I don't think that it has any relevance to the big mysteries that surround the show.
    • Conclusion: Carolina is an actress, put in the show by the producers to stir up trouble amongst the group. (Revealed in "Fire in the Sky"; see Siberia Gets a Little Stranger)

     ✓ What is the significance of the symbol that appears in credits?

    • First off, for it to be in the credits of every episode must mean it has important significance.  To me it looks like a compass rose and at first glance I thought the arrows pointed outward like a signal to guide safe passage.  However, the triangles are actually inverted so I think it could be a way of marking the beast's territory.  It probably wasn't a good idea for whomever carved it as it could mean this way is safe, or this way marks death.  I personally prefer the latter as an arrow was a fairly primitive drawing and they must have inverted it for a reason.  We will just have to wait and see if it's marking dangerous areas, a safe passageway or something else entirely!
    • Conclusion: In the episode "Fire in the Sky", Miljan finds the symbol, which did turn out to be a compass, that leads him to more on nearby trees.  At the end of the road he discovers a hidden journal that appears to have been written by one of the 1908 settlers in Russian.  I suppose the carvings were a map to help them remember where the journal was hidden.  But it raises a new question: What secrets are contained in these writings that needed to be stashed away for safe keeping?  As well as, are there more of these symbols and do they lead the way to safe passage or mark the areas of danger?  


So what do I ultimately think about the mysteries of Siberia?

  • The event is the effects of a wormhole opening into the Siberian wilderness. 
  • The aliens come through this wormhole, but why they wormhole keeps appearing and how many beings stay is still unclear.
  • The beast is not normally predatory unless it feels threatened or someone wanders into its territory.
  • The ancient humans as well as the settlers tried to attack the beast and lost OR they were mutated and still stalk the Siberian wilderness.  Now with humans being seen stalking the woods, my hunch about the settlers still somehow living in the wooded area along with the beast is gaining more traction. 
  • I believe the 1908 settlers may have some relation to the contestants there now.
  • Sabina is a Mossad solider with ulterior motives.
  • The mutated frog is an effect from the change in normal elemental levels in its habitat caused by the 1908 event.
  • Since I don't recall ever seeing the mysterious symbol in the show, other than in the credits, it could be the contestants, I pick Carolina, who carves it marking the areas in which the beast has been seen. Miljan found the strange carving in the episode "Fire in the Sky" due to its age and the old journal found at the end of the path, the symbols were likely carved by an original settler as a path to their hidden writings.  However, I believe this just affirms that it is a sort of map it can still be used in other places to mark out a safe, or dangerous passageway. 
  • The mushrooms give the consumer the power to see the future, but what every time-traveling show has taught me, these visions can be changed.  I think it would be a good idea for someone else to try them out and rather than bail, like Victoria, use their vision to help them survive.

I originally intended to post this after the fourth episode because we see in the preview that Victoria's vision begins to unfold.  I rushed it and posted it early to hopefully get people talking before we find out how true the vision was.   I hope it was easy to read as conspiracy theories twist in and out everywhere and without the full story this is all just observations, research and hypothesizes.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so please share!  Stay tuned to Siberia Mondays on NBC, and check back here for full recaps, reviews, predictions and updates to my theories!   


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  1. Re: The Symbol
    Found this in relation to the symbol that keeps popping up.
    Unsure if the scriptwriters intended the connection or not, but it's sure to bring you new ideas. It's hard to tell if the symbols on the trees that Miljan found are "new" or "old" - so either the symbol was used long ago for the benefit of the Locals, to mark stashed gear, or the Locals deliberately carved it freshly to let the participants find the book - and are thus helping them to survive.

    Re: The Locals: I am still unsure whether they are original villagers, their descendants or escaped criminals from the gulags that once existed in Siberia (a friend thinks radiation from the Tunguska event made the originals mutants - idk). The spear of course indicates that they are adept survivalists. Little evidence to say whether they or the "Beast" attacked Tommy and the cameraman - the cameraman says "Them", not "It".

    Re: Your theory about the mushrooms and the 'beast' attacking them for uprooting them:
    I think that might be coincidence - if I was a beast following someone in the woods, I'd grab them while they were distracted - like when they were picking mushrooms or collecting water.
    But I do think there is something to the 'mushroom ritual' idea, and would be nice if someone else attempted them raw.

    Nice pick up about the Jewish gulags and its potential relation to Sabina, though I think there is not enough evidence to say she is Mossad or has an ulterior motive to being on the show at this stage (maybe next episode).
    If she is an ex-soldier, then maybe she is just doing what her training and experience says she needs to do to survive winter: recon the area, collect weapons, secure a sheltered area (the cave).

    I think there is only a very low possibility that the 'beast' is something the 'producers' made up to scare the participants using the speakers, a fake footprint, damage and fake cave painting. The tiger corpse is convincing - surely the TV show would not kill a real tiger just to scare the participants.

    And in case you didn't already know, the amulet says "To my Anna [Anne?], 1908" or similar.

    1. Re: The Symbol
      I checked out the wiki page and the symbol looks identical. It's funny because my husband and I spent a bunch of time recreating it in paint and doing a Google search for matches and came up with nothing. However it's Mesopotamian which is a long way from Siberia, and there isn't much about it other than it may have represented the sky, the sky god, or the heavens. I have some thoughts but I want to let it sink in before I dish them out there. I don't think we have seen the last of the symbol, I believe it will be used in the future to help guide them and you're right; we don't know if it was made a long time ago or if something made it recently to help them out now.

      Re: The Locals
      Until Miljan recently saw the human in the woods, I wasn't sure that there were any locals around. I'm still holding my breath for more information about them as it could have been a producer and we haven't had any clues to suggest humans are with them in the woods. I think the beast left the spear as well as the tiger to warn them of there impending danger. If there are humans among them, I would think they have some relation to the original settlers and I have been entertaining the thought that they are still around due to some mutation from the Tunguska event. I wrote above that the cameraman said I saw "them" and I think he is referring to what I call the beast but what real local lore calls the "Valleymen". They won't travel into that area because of the superstition of the creature living within. This goes to support my belief that the beast wont attack unless someone wanders into their area and that they have been around for thousands of years which is consistent with the cave art.

      Re: Mushrooms
      I agree it might be a coincidence. Remember the girls stayed back because Tommy was straying to far from camp and that's when he was attacked. I think the beast may be docile, unless you venture into its territory. I think it would be a great idea for someone else to eat the mushrooms to have some idea of what's to come and thus avert it.

      Re: Sabina
      When they introduced all the characters and their job descriptions it said Sabina was a Solider. I agree that she could be doing what she is trained to do in the later episodes, but in the first she knew the lay of the land immediately and was able to get to camp before the fastest, fittest men without following the flags. This means she knew about her surrounding before they got there. She id generally evasive and disappears every day refusing to tell anyone where she has been. I definitely think she has ulterior motives due to her knowledge of the land, her secret cave and general secrecy about what she is doing.

      Re: The Beast
      I don't think the beast is something the producers made up. I believe it has been there for thousands of years and is responsible for Tommy, the tiger and the spear. I also think the cave painting is authentic. I do think we have to keep an eye out for clues that may be artificial like noises from the speaker, people wandering the woods etc.

      I wrote about the bracelet in one of these posts and it does say to Anne. I don't think it is a coincidence that we have a character named Annie. I think that like House on Haunted Hill the players could be relatives of the original settlers, possibly brought back to discover what happened to them in 1908.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I am interested in all ideas surrounding the show as by debating about them, we can cast out the unimportant and find a "logical" explanation for it all!

  2. I'm not sure I agree with your alien theory, but that's entirely because I'm keeping my options open. The way you laid it out makes a lot of sense, and I'll definitely be keeping it in mind for future episodes.

    Also, in regards to the mushroom, check this out:

    Look and sound familiar? Absolutely everything in the article points to the mushrooms being fly agarics. It doesn't really impact anything, but it's cool to know that they're doing their research. And it's also kind of amusing to imagine that they've been eating the Super Mario mushrooms.

    1. I tossed around a few theories about the beast but the alien one is the most probable given the premises. They have been around for thousands of years and if they were some kind of mutation, there was nothing back then to explain it. Plus the cave drawing shows a clearly advanced creature, if it was a mutation it would take thousands more years to advance. The cave drawing "wormhole" looks just like what humans theorize they would look like in other pop-culture. However I agree that it's not good to get locked into an idea too early but I have had a hard time logically explaining a mutation or natural creature with the clues we have been given!

      I agree that the research behind this show is part of what makes it awesome. Basing it on a real unexplained event all the way down to the mushrooms! To bad in Mario we can't eat them and get a trip showing us the next Bowser level!

  3. Anyone else wondering what's going on with Miljan, with the whole threatening Esther and then how the camera man was watching him talk to the totem poll like object he found..... This may be a long shot but maybe Miljan goes crazy and kills some of the others, as it is show he can be aggressive from his incounter with Esther but he says he is joking..... Sketchyyy. But I still feel like he and Daniel have bigger roles to play, and another question I have is what is the metal poll Daniel is holding in the intro video to the show, he slides it across his neck.... Maybe it is show in a later episode. All in all Esther is bad.... Like seducing the cameraman and also throwing the flag on the ground, this show is good with keeping my attention and I can't wait for the next episode..... OH!and why doesn't Miljan bring the book to Sam since he knows Russian it could help them and expose some secrets that we want to know?

    1. Totally! I posted on my last recap "Siberia Gets a Little Stranger" about how he seemed off and has a darker side to him.
      I think the pole is a sickle, which we have seen before in the camp along with other tools. I think it was recorded to add drama as I think Daniel is harmless.
      Miljan looks out for Miljan. I also talked about this in the above mentioned post, you should check it out. I don't think he will bring it to Sam unless he is desperate, or someone else happens to find the journal. We've been show the journal has pictures and I think that along with the obvious force that is guided Miljan to find the food shed, the totem pole, the carvings and the journal may be the "sprits" helping him out.

  4. Here are my theories after Episode Six

    The "Tunguska Event" was a quantum black hole that impacted the earth and then subsequently got caught in Earth’s gravity well and is still trapped in the Earth’s crust. The sci-fi author, Larry Niven actually has a short story about Tungsuka Event and his story’s ultimate explanation is that it’s a quantum black hole.

    The black hole is now in relatively stable orbit around our sun inside the planet underneath Siberia. When there are small variations in the orbit of the earth or the orbit of the black hole it interacts with the normal atoms around it. AKA a little bit of the earth’s crust falls into the black hole. When this happens it triggers a “Tachyon Burst”. Tachyon’s are used in allot of science fiction to explain Time Travel and other violations of our understanding of physics. The burst transports everything within a certain range through time. It will likely be explained as some sort of time swap where the region trades places with the area in a different time. Since the region is mostly unpopulated and undeveloped, nobody notices much in the exchange.

    So remember I am writing this after Episode Six so be forgiving as future episodes show my ideas as total bunk.

    They are in the future now. The fire in the sky and earthquake happened when the black hole collided with normal matter and triggered a Tachyon Burst. It moved the entire region some unknown number of into the future. I could have this backwards they may be in the past.

    The fork toed monster: It’s a Yeti. A “missing link/branch” in primate evolution picked up in some prior Tachyon Burst into the past and now travels through time with this region of Siberia. It was there when the contestants arrived and moved with them into the future.

    The cave drawings are genuine. They are from a time when primitive homo sapiens (or close) co-existed with the missing link of the Yeti before they hunted them to extinction.

    The bracelet in the water is Red Herring and we will learn that one of the TV crews name is Annie. It was there before the Tachyon Burst and is a byproduct of normal circumstances.

    too be continued....

    OK, that’s my thoughts as of Epi 6


    1. If you check out my other posts I talk a little about this. I mentioned black hole as a theory but I interpreted it as a wormhole in the cave drawing. Either way black hole or wormhole they both explain time jumps which I see a lot of clues pointing to that. But thanks, I wasn't aware a black hole cause time disturbances but I definitely think that is part of what's happening!

      Interesting ideas for me to chew on, but we basically have the same idea just a difference in wormhole vs. black hole. I will look into it further and thanks for the comment!

  5. part two

    The original settlers were transported in time as well. Wandered or fled from their village beyond the range of a subsequent Tachyon Burst that moved their village back so that their fires were still burning and food was still cooking. The village could have spent days, weeks, or years in the other time space, all that is required is that the villagers are not home when the village returns. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they were driven from the village by a Yeti attack. Yetis came back, the villagers didn’t.

    Couple of possibilities to explain the little girl in the woods. They actually moved into the past not the future. She is part of the primitive homo sapiens’s depicted in the cave paintings. She is one of the lost villager’s from 1908 who have adjusted to living in the wild since their village and tools disappeared from their perspective when they returned from their flight. I am inclined to go with lost villager since the “bear trap” (yeti trap I think), had a modern pully and hemp rope that align more with the technology of a lost early 20th century villager than a aboriginal human.

    Sabina is a woman lost in time. I am reaching here so stay with me. The Black Holes orbit is sort of elliptical it moves from a position in Siberia deep into the Earth’s crust to an orbital point near the mid-east. Over time it has picked up people from mid east, including ancient Sumerian’s and their worship practices (perhaps even Sabina is an ancient Samarian). This completely blows my “area of effect exchange” in time idea. People would notice large regions of Siberia appearing in the Middle East and vice versa. In any event Sabina is from a different time than 2013. She was moved to our time, perhaps as a child, and has been trying to understand what happened to her and get back to the family she left behind. Through the course of her research or perhaps from her life before time traveling she knows the region. She knew that the flags didn’t go to camp, so she walked the direct distance and she knew where the cave was. She got on the show not as a vehicle to a prize but rather as an opportunity to get back to the area. She likely had trouble getting access as a former Israeli soldier (and Jew maybe). I suppose Sabina could have traded in time along with a chunk of desert and learned of Siberia while searching for answers. I still don’t have a thought for how Sumerian symbols make their way into the Siberian wilderness.

    Miljan is a drug addict. Ever since he learned via Victoria that the Mushrooms are mood altering he’s been sampling the goods. The mood swings, the “attitude. Beyond that, there’s nothing super natural going on with him.

    OK, that’s my thoughts as of Epi 6


  6. As a note from someone who speaks Russian the camera guy didn't (audibly at least ) say I saw them. He said "зе попал мы помогите я" meaning "we fell help me". Might not be an important mistake, but every other time they've nailed the translation.

    1. That's good to know. I did some research and found that the people of that area don't even speak Russian, so there is a little disconnect. I figure they can't have a cast member that understands this rare dialect so they kinda short-cutted it. Check out my other post where I talk more about the characters and storyline where as this one is just for theories. I have a lot of good info stashed away in them!

  7. Love what your doing please keep it up. I had a question/theory based on your cave drawings of 'the beast'... The concentric circles that you mentioned could be a wormhole, but I find that they represent a primative drawing of a speaker and the circles are sound eminating from those speakers. I don't know how that fits in to the bigger picture but it was my first thought after getting a better look.

    1. Thanks you and thanks for reading! While I can understand that, it confuses me why the speakers would have been around so long ago. It's definitely interesting and I had kinda dismissed the speakers as production tactics, but I will take a closer look.

      I do have to say that I'm totally digging my wormhole theory but I'll look at all the evidence in an equal light! : )

  8. The picture that is in every preview is Sumerian for the God An (also known as Anu and is a Mesopotamian God). The God An is the God of the sky which would explain how the sky changed color. People who lived in the area close to the Tunguska event believed Odgy the God was taking his anger out on the people by creating the blast. There is also a tribe near the Tunguska event called the Evenki that also believed Ogdy was responsible for the blast.Also, there is a link to a site that describes the Tunguska event regarding aliens.( The name Leonid Kulik who was a mineralogist and in 1927 went near the blast area and interviewed local witnesses. He led the first Soviet expedition to the blast zone. I don't remember what episode but I remember the mention the year 1927, Leonid Kulik may have something to do with it.

    1. You should check out my newer Theories postSiberia Theories That Will Blow Your Mind as I talk about the Anu sign as well as my post on the episode "First Snow"Siberia Gets Cold! as I go deep into the research I found about Ogdy & the beliefs of the Evenki's regarding the Tunguska Event. You will find I go over all this info in depth & have formulated some interesting theories with this information. This post is pretty old, before the fourth episode, so I have covered all of the info you described above & have some ideas similar to yours! I hope you check those out & comment! Thanks for reading!

  9. Alright, I think I have a pretty solid theory. The thing Johnny was climbing on in the last episode was clearly a Tesla Coil. There are actually theories that the Tunguska blast was caused by a mishap during an experiment by Nikola Tesla involving wireless communication by use of his coil/towers.

    Now, I'm believing in show continuity that the blast was caused by this accident. I'm also thinking that the blast opened a gateway to another dimension where our mysterious creatures resided. The creatures attacked the villagers and wiped most of them out, the survivors fleeing into the forest and adapting to a primitive hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Throughout the years they combated the extra-dimensional creatures, explaining the cave drawings and most likely wiped out all but a few if not one.

    Have you noticed how fresh and vivid the cave drawings look? They're not even inside the cave, if they were ancient then years of weathering would make them virtually undetectable. They have to have been made more recently. And since the forest people haven't progressed past 1908, it's entirely plausible that they recently made the drawings using what was available.

    Now, I believe that some mysterious group of scientists (explaining the research center found near the Tesla Coil) were trying to recreate the accident that caused the original Tunguska blast, and succeeded, which explains the green sky the cast observed. Of course, this also re-opened the dimensional gateway and let more creatures through. That's why Neeko and Sabina came across multiple sets of forked footprints.

    That's all I have, but I am 100% certain the tower that shocked Johnny is a Tesla Coil, and there are probably more of them. I am also positive that these coils are what made the sky turn green and illuminated.

    And if you need further proof, look no further than this bit of dialogue from the immortal Ghostbusters. :D

    "Dr Ray Stantz: You know, Mr. Tully, you are a most fortunate individual.

    Louis: I know!

    Dr Ray Stantz: You have been a participant in the biggest interdimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909!

    Louis: Felt great."

    Sure, he got the date wrong, but c'mon! C'MON!!

  10. I have a theory that the contestants are all test subjects and are clones. When sevina found the body with the same locket, it was a previous clone/test subject. Then when they find the science research place they see all the testing and revealers indicating where they set up the experiments.The "producers" probably never expected them to live so long and in the season finale you can see they are surprised they are alive and always planned for them to die. As far as the valleymen, and what not, they might just be an outer force causing problems. All of the characters have such different personalities which could have been part of the test.

  11. Hi!! I am a big fan of siberia. Also, while doing a history project on ancient writing, I came across that symbol found by Miljan. It is Archaic Cuneiform ( one of the first known writings) and means heaven or god...... Thought that was interesting...