Monday, September 23, 2013

Siberia In Retrospect Delayed

I give my deepest apologies as the amazing and comprehensive post Siberia in Retrospect will not be published Monday 9/23 but rather Tuesday 9/24I hate to lead you all on but with plane cancellations, having to buy new tickets on a different airlines and an entire day in the hospital I wasn't even able to take out my computer on my trip, but I'm home now and ready to finish editing so expect an awesome new post by Saturday!  While we're all anxious to close the chapter on Siberia for now and make way for the plethora of new fall shows, I am currently overwhelmed as I am frantically packing up my family to fly across the country and visit a top neurosurgeon specializing in my rare condition who will advise me on whether I will need to undergo a second brain and spinal surgery.  However, the good news is Siberia in Retrospect will be worth the wait and I will have ample time to finish it on my plane ride!  Please check back as this post will give viewers some much needed closure as the season left us with so many unanswered questions. 
Thanks for your understanding,
P.S. I appreciate all of you who have supported me through this week!  Your kind comments mean the world! <3


  1. Sorry to hear about your medical issues. I hope the visit with the docs goes well.

  2. Travel safe and feel better soon. Love, @Readerchan

  3. Hi Shayla - hope you are ok - I'm also wondering why the beast disemboweled or removed the stomach contents of Natalie and the tiger - assuming it was the beast or valley men - also it appears there were images at the science lab of fetuses or something and it looked like there was some study on the abdominal region ? Thanks for all the work you put into this and I think you got this - love it - feeds my post season fix - fingers crossed that it is renewed somewhere!

  4. Shayla - hope you are okay and that you don't need surgery! If you can let us know how that went! (Might be another blog/story of its own)