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Siberia: Facts Edition

Over the course of Siberia I have dedicated hours to researching the various facts behind the storylines that have been presented.  It was no easy task.  While some subjects, like the Tunguska Event, have a plethora of scientific as well as more conspiracy-related information out there, there was little about the Evenkis and the research for the tower was a game of connecting the actual facts out there with the creative direction of the show.  Regardless, the amount of real-life mysteries and data weaved into each episode has been one of the wonderful aspects of Siberia.  The idea of using a reality-show platform for a drama series was a brilliant one in my opinion, as though it was scripted and "fake", as so many have pointed out, in a lot of ways it was more real than most of the dramas out there.  The actual forensic techniques that were a huge contributor to the CSI franchise's popularity as well as the flux of criminal forensic majors after the show debuted is comparable to the wealth of real-life history and science integrated into Siberia.  It proves that people have a desire to explore the unknown and with Siberia it made perfect sense to adopt the reality format because so much of the storyline is rooted in reality.  Siberia makes you wonder, what caused the Tunguska Event, as the science community hasn't been able to come to a consensus, as well as the looming question; could this actually happen as the Evenki people, the Siberian cauldrons and the Tesla Tower are all very real making this journey somewhat less inconceivable as it leans away from fantastical drama towards truth.  However, the writers of Siberia have created an amazing story, like the Indiana Jones of television, as the holy grail may exist or may not, the adventure to locate it takes the audience on a tight rope that wobbles between the possible and the extraordinary!  I have been blessed with many readers, implying people want to know more about the concrete mysteries behind the show, so I thought I'd put all the facts in one place to make it easier to absorb all the information.  Without further ado let's jump into Siberia: Facts Edition!
*Note: This is a special edition post, if you're looking for my review, recap and theories on episode 10 "Strange Bedfellows" see Siberia Reveals More!

1. The Tunguska Event

  • The Tunguska Event is the basis of Siberia as the description of the show characterized how over 100 years ago an unexplained event occurred in the very location of where sixteen contestants would descend, unaware of the mysterious past, to attempt to survive the winter with a half-million-dollar cash prize rewarded to those who are able to persevere until the end.  This is a real modern day mystery with a plethora of suppositions as to what actually caused the event with multiple scientists and conspiracy theorists who have travelled to the Valley of Death to investigate its origins.  At 7:15 AM on June 30, 1908 the ground shook as the sky lit up in what observations recorded as fire in the sky caused by a second sun that fell into the Siberian wilderness, the biggest event of its kind in known history.   
  • While researchers have tried to explain it away as a comet or meteor, no one can seem to come to a consensus as the minerals found and the eyewitness accounts don't quite line up with either theory.
  • Atop that there was no evidence left behind, such as a piece of a meteor or comet like would be expected.  Instead for the days following the event the skies continued to glow which is a phenomenon relating to ice particles (which were found at the site) that has also been observed when space shuttles enter the earth's atmosphere.
  • The shape of the impact zone had what is referred to as a "wingspan" resembling a butterfly.
  • To make this mystery even more eerie, when overhead photos were taken of the site, they were ordered to be burned.
  • Fringe theories range from black holes, experiments gone wrong and of course extraterrestrial involvement.
  • The observations of the impact site revealed what has been compared to Hiroshima, over the blast radius rather than a hole or crater, as would be expected with a meteor crash, a large scorched area was seen where the trees in the middle of the site stood upright stripped of their branches and as it spanned out, over 2,150 kilometers, the trees farther away were knocked down pointing away from the center.
  • When a group, lead by Leonid Kulik, went to study the impact site of the Tunguska Event in 1927, their local guides refused to go too far in fear of the "Valleymen".  Locals believed the event was caused by the god Ogdy as punishment and were terrified to venture into the area as it was cursed (see Evenki section below).  Interestingly in line with the show, Kulik's journey was also set back by an unusually heavy snowfall and around the impact zone instead of the crater he was expecting to find he witnessed burnt trees standing upright and "peculiar flat holes" which might have been the area of the cauldrons (see below).
  • So how does all this connect to the show?
    • One idea is that the original event was caused by an alien space craft.  It would explain why it left no remnants; either because the craft was moved, left earth, or has the ability to cloak itself in order to not be seen.  (I realize that I am talking about a real event and am implying there are actually aliens in the Siberian woods, but I'm going out on a limb in order to theorize what's happening on the fictional show).
    • Due to the fact there was no evidence of a black hole exiting the opposite side of Earth, it could possibly have been a wormhole which is believed in fringe science to have the capabilities to transfer objects, people, beasts, etc. through space and time.  I like this theory a bit more because there is no need to explain how a spacecraft left or remained undetected, rather it could be that the wormhole simply transported alien creatures from light-years away to earth and they remain in the Siberian woods.  It also may answer some other questions that have been presented throughout the season but as I now am leaning towards the idea that if there is a wormhole, it would be located inside the cauldrons which I will discuss below. 
    • We now know that my original hypothesis of the Valleymen being synonymous with the beast or beasts in the woods is correct.  I believe this is what the cameraman was referring to after Tommy's attack when he repeated "I saw them" in Russian.  Another big event was the mauled tiger at the end of "Lyin' and Tiger and Bare", that posed the question: why would the beast attack the tiger?  I think that because it obviously didn't consume the animal and it was placed right outside the settlement, it served as the beast's way of warning the contestants not to veer too deep into the woods and then the tiger was removed leaving no trace that it was ever there.  We also saw this with Natalie as her body was placed outside the settlement, and then removed, with the same wound to the abdomen.  I also believe the Valleymen were responsible for the attack on the producers' camp possibly instigated by the lights in the sky caused by the tower (below) as well as the fact that, like Tommy, they trespassed into the territory of the beast.  As we also know that Miljan is connected to them in some way, I believe that while the beast(s) may be alien they are a human(or human-like)-bird hybrid that may be the origin of the Evenkis' belief in Ogdy as discussed below. 

2. The Evenki Beliefs

First I want to include a makeshift glossary of the terms used below for easier understanding:

Ogdy (Agdy) - the Evenki word for "thunder".  Also used to describe the god of thunder as well as the thunderbirds who are made of iron and the flap of their wings cause the thunder sound while lightening shoots out of their fiery eyes.

Khergu - the lower world.  Here is where Ogdy, birds and god, live.  It is also the location of the souls of the shaman or high priests of the Evenki tribes.  Due to the fact they both dwell in this place they maintain a close friendship that is passed on to the descendants of the shaman.

Khargi - evil spirits.  I have seen it in some readings as synonymous with "devil".  The Evenkis believe the Khargi actually instruct the shamans.

Magankan - wicked shaman of an Evenki tribe.

I battled with how to lay out the facts in the most simplistic form, but now that we have all the terms straight I'll simply tell the story ethnographer Innokentiy Suslov was told by upwards of ten Evenki tribes about their thoughts regarding what really caused the Tunguska Event, along with their religious beliefs that may explain what's really going on with Miljan.
  • There had been tribal feuds between multiple Evenki people thus the shamans began to send evil spirits causing disease to each other.  They then believe that the wicked shaman, named Magankan, called upon the god Ogdy to destroy the neighboring clans and this was the cause of the Tunguska Event, which precipitated the inhabitants of that area to flee in every direction leaving all of their personal items behind.  After this, the other Evenki tribes refused to travel into the area because they believe that only Ogdy could live in the location of Magankan's Evenki tribe. 
    • While in my previous posts I have stated that I believe the humans in the woods surrounding the settlement were responsible for the trap as well as the spear (see: Siberia Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!), I now feel confident they are the Evenki tribe led by the shaman Magankan or their descendants.  The Tunguska Event scared off all other tribes from the area and possibly the original 1908 settlers as well.  What this information added, was that this tribe was the one that believed to have called upon the god Ogdy and that they are likely a specific sect of Evenkis who now must deal with the Valleymen as they believe it is a punishment for their sins.  I believe the sins they refer to is the misuse of power to eliminate their rivals as when Magankan called upon Ogdy which caused the Tunguska Event and with it came the Valleymen a materialization of Ogdy.
  • Interestingly, Magankan was rumored to have become embodied by the Khargi, or spirits of the lower world.  To prove this, Magankan had tribal members shoot him and he would catch the bullet after it left his body and present it to them, in addition he had them stab him and exhibited that no wound or blood could be found.
    • This brings me back to the cave paintings which showed the beast and tribal members throwing spears at it.  I have to wonder if this evil and all-powerful shaman somehow was effected by the event, possibly through mutation from the actual cause or intervention from the Valleymen, which strengthened their beliefs.  They saw a shaman who had become one with the Ogdy and possibly they were not attacking him, but rather performing this demonstration that proved he could not be wounded.
      • The Evenki believe in three worlds: upper, middle and lower.  While normal tribe members couldn't visit the upper or lower realm the shamans would travel to these places during their rituals.  (Remember the mushrooms?)
      • When a shaman died their soul called the "omi" left their body but did not die, it lived on in the world until choosing a new person, normally a descendant that could skip multiple generations, and inhabited their body.
      • As stated above, due to both Ogdy and the souls of the shaman living in Khergu they developed a friendship and wicked shaman can use this friendship to call upon Ogdy to destroy groups of people he hates.  (This is important because remember Miljan calls Ogdy his "old friend")
    • This leads me to: What's going on with Miljan, and the change in his behavior we have seen since his discovery of the Ogdy totem pole.  He has been guided to the journal and to the Ogdy statue, somehow instinctively knowing its real name.  In addition, as he told Neeko he didn't need to read Russian to understand the journal and was more inquisitive about the totem pole and Sabina's necklace, as well as carving the compass symbol into his arm, making me think that these items contain some kind of importance.  In the episode "Out of the Frying Pan" we saw him cover the camera in the cabin with Irene inside masking his actions, as well as show us a sinister smile as if he knows just what will happen next.   In "First Snow", we witnessed him attempting to kill various contestants and kidnap Irene while disappearing into the woods as well as somehow knowing what Esther had taken from the Revealer though he was nowhere near when it happened.  While Irene ended up being rescued, I don't think that was his intention due to his previous attempts at her life.
    • I believe that his body has been inhabited by the "omi" of shaman past, possibly Magankan, who is guiding him and changing his personality as he now is able to understand the journal and what is going on around them as well as what is to come more clearly.  This also fits into my theory about the group, or at least some of them, being descendants of Siberia and there for a reason, as the soul of the shaman only pass into relatives.  If he is in fact inhabited or possessed by Magankan or another wicked shaman, their belief is that the Khargi, or evil spirit, tells them what to do, which is why we see Miljan acting so strangely and doing things that seem out of his character
    • The Valleymen are the manifestation of the god and thus the belief that shamans can posses a human might originate in extraterrestrial technology or abilities.  Therefore while Miljan is possessed by an omi, it is one of the Valleymen, or by use of their technology, which is why he has carved their symbol into his arm and has been guided by them after his discovery of the Ogdy statue as I think that Ogdy and the Valleymen are one and the same.  Or more importantly their belief in Ogdy originated with the Valleymen.

3. The Tesla Tower

  • The Wardenclyffe Tower was built between 1898 and 1907 in Long Island, but was shut down and abandoned before the Tunguska Event.  The idea behind it was to create wireless communication, basically what we have today, that would consist of a series of towers using Tesla's famous coil as an energy source. 
    • Based on this, it made no sense why the tower that shocked Johnny (see: Siberia Gets Attacked) would have anything to do with the strange occurrences in Siberia.  However, I dug deeper into Tesla's later inventions as well as other technologies in use today and was able to connect them into a working theory. 
  • Tesla's work in the 1930's was on a high-energy particle beam called Teleforce that was dubbed the death ray.  It worked by creating a stream of charged mercury or tungsten powered by the famous Tesla Coil that directed a beam of energy into the ionosphere.  In addition, to create the necessary equilibrium the tower must be firmly supported in the ground.  This connects the presence of a similar tower in Siberia, and while the Wardenclyffe Tower was created for telecommunication, it was a unique power source that could be utilized for various reasons.  The Teleforce, powered by the Tesla Coil, is an example of a directed-energy weapon which have been known to cause physical, physiological and psychological effects.  This technology is known by the Russian Armed Forces.
    • The fact that the Teleforce was not created until the 1930's, and we only have Tesla's word that he had successfully invented it even then, raises more doubts with me that the 1908 Tunguska event was caused by this death ray.  However, it makes perfect sense that the Russian scientists at the outpost were attempting to recreate the event and/or the beast using a directed-energy weapon which was activated in the episode "Fire in the Sky" (see: Siberia Gets a Little Stranger).
    • Due to the fact that this type of weapon can cause psychological manifestations, it would explain Johnny and Joyce's confusion when the tower was activated and they were alone in the woods without cover.
    • In addition the fact that it needed to be firmly planted in the ground would explain the earthquake the group experienced before the lights appeared.
  • I also found information regarding the use of directed-energy in order to modify the weather.  In addition to HAARP (see below), there is knowledge of a Russian company that has been using this technology since at least 1992.
    • I think it's obvious that the Russian Science Center the hikers found has been in operation since much earlier than the nineties.  Based on their equipment, it seems like it was possibly the test center for the creation of such devises starting around World War II.   
  • HAARP is a household name amongst conspiracy theorists and refers to the "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project" in Alaska.  It also uses energy to create a beam that heats up a portion of the ionosphere and is able to direct this energy to a specific area of the globe.  So here we have again, very similar to the particle beam created by Tesla that is powered by his tower, a directed-energy device that heats up the ionosphere.  However here, unlike with the Teleforce, the main purpose is to cause atmospheric changes that effect the weather rather than obliterate a location. 
    • This could explain how the contestants of Siberia went from sunny hot weather to freezing foggy snow.  It also interests me that the contestants seem to be following in the footprints of Kulik as both his journal and the video footage are discovered and the fact that he too was blocked by unusual snow and took interest in the Valleymen. 
  • Another HAARP possibility is the fact that it is believed to be able to block signals such as satellite, TV and radio frequencies.  However, since we saw the radio tower destroyed I'm not sure if that is the current case on Siberia, but possibly why Sabina was unable to use the radio at the producers' camp as it was being blocked by the station.
    • There are a plethora of similarities between HAARP and the Teleforce as they use the exact same methods.  This means the center found by the hikers could be capable of causing the lights in the sky from the heated ionosphere, the decimated area from a directed-energy beam, the change in weather, and the psychological effects experienced by Joyce and Johnny during this process. 
  • Another interesting fact I learned while researching, was that HAARP can create a protective dome over a specific area of Earth.  While I don't think this is what's going on in Siberia, Under the Dome lovers can take pleasure in the idea that Stephen King's science fiction is not fiction anymore! 

left: Tower found by the "hikers" in Siberiaright: 1904 image of the Wardenclyffe Tower

In conclusion, the basic idea I was able to ascertain through the electrical engineering technical aspect, is that the tower was built to utilize Earth's natural energy field, more specifically the balance between the ground conduction and the ionosphere to charge particles.  This has the ability to send a directed-energy beam to other areas of the Earth with the power to decimate people or a habitat, alter the weather and deliver psychological effects to the people within the radius.  The ignition of such an energy beam could also cause the ground to shake and the sky to light up, all events we have seen over the last few episodes of Siberia

4. The Cauldrons

While little is known about these strange dome-like structures I gained most of my info from UFO enthusiasts and even with a detailed web search could not find anything absolute nor alternate theories other than aliens.  I did only collect data from the most credible sites but as of now these strange cauldrons are believed to be extraterrestrial in origin.  Here's a recap of the data I found. 
  • In 1854 Richard Carl Maak led an expedition into the Valley of Death and in his journal wrote of large mysterious metal domes that the locals called cauldrons.
  • Between 1933-1947 three confirmations of their existence were discovered.  Seven cauldrons in total were discovered measuring from 20-30 feet in diameter with strange vegetation surrounding the area.  During this trip strange side-effects were experienced such as skin diseases and loss of hair.
  • Ivan Mackerle finally went to find out if these tales were simply legend or really existed and video taped his journey.  He found odd circular patterns in the grassland and when investigated noticed the ground had an unusual texture.  In the center his team probed down with a pole and found a hard structure underneath that sounded metallic and hollow.  In addition the magnetic field surrounding the believed cauldrons gave off strange variations.  He took this as proof of cauldrons sunken into the earth.  Members of his team as well as Mackerle himself suffered the strange side effects as they became ill and experienced dizziness, nausea, fever and trouble walking.  They hypothesized that their sickness could've been caused by radiation from these mysterious structures.
  • According to local lore the cauldrons were left after an ancient battle between extraterrestrials where fire balls shot up from the earth then, accompanied by a deafening sound the surrounding trees were destroyed.  After the battle had concluded, the locals claimed they came across the metal structures, in which they in turn named cauldrons, that later sunk into the marshy swamps of Siberia.  They believe that the cauldrons have been activated throughout the years as a sort of defense mechanism that shoots projectiles heading towards Earth.  The cauldrons are even amongst the varying theories regarding the cause of the Tunguska Event. 
  • Due to the fact the cauldrons have been in existence for so long, it is unlikely they are man-made leading scientists to wonder if their origins are extraterrestrial.
  • In addition, the metallic material the cauldrons are composed of rules them out as a natural phenomenon.  
  • I have even found accounts of people who claim to have attempted to collect samples over the years but have been unsuccessful due to the strange material they are composed of as well as their sharp edges.
  • As multiple accounts claim there is unusual energy radiating from the domes, some far-out theorists believe that inside there exists a portal to another world.
  • So how does all this connect to the show?
    • Merilik's story falls right in line with the ancient lore I was able to find as they have been described as causing dizziness and nausea, disease and the elders have labeled them cursed.
    • I don't think Johnny and Joyce were effected by this area as Merilik claims it causes people to lose their way and they both made it back to the settlement with no problem.  In addition she doesn't speak of it causing loss of memory which is what they both experienced.
    • I think the biggest link to the show that we can take from these structures is that most who have studied them believe they are extraterrestrial in nature meaning that my original theories on aliens and wormholes come back into play as the Valleymen may be from another world.

left: Mysterious "hut" seen in the show;  right: Drawing of actual cauldron found in Siberia.

This is a lot of information to take in, and while I separated my sections into the major real historical and scientific facts that relate to the show, I'd like to sum my theory all up in an easy to read explanation that is supported by the data I have gathered:

What is going on in Siberia?

In 1908, tribes in the Tunguska Valley feuded and while their shamans sent various curses back and forth one wicked Shaman dared to call upon the Ogdy of the lower world to destroy their enemies.  Soon after the earth shook and what to looked to be fire in the sky overcame the Siberian wilderness, an unidentified object decimated an area of the forest and struck fear into the other tribes as they fled vowing never to return to the territory as along with the Tunguska Event came the Valleymen, likely alien in origin, who seemed to be indestructible as the locals were unsuccessful in their attempts to kill it or them.  They viewed the Valleymen as an embodiment of their god Ogdy, a cross between a human and a thunderbird, that had come to their land as a punishment for the misuse of power.  While no other would dare venture into the land as they believed it to be cursed by Ogdy, and the mysterious Valleymen now inhabited the area, those who had called upon him finally made peace with the strange new creature as they promised to stay in the Valley of Death and never cross into the Valley of Men.  Along with the aliens came the cauldrons, unexplained metal structures that contain a wormhole or something similar that transports them back to their world.  The area of the cauldrons is cursed and causes strange effects on the mind.  Sometime after Kulik's 1927 journey a group of scientists began studying the strange beast, likely to capture it, utilize its technology or duplicate its impenetrable form.  They began conducting research into Kulik's expedition and did a series of primate tests in which scientist used behavioral techniques to keep the animals in the settlement by rewarding them through various Revealers and projecting strange sounds emanating from the speakers so they were too frightened to enter the surrounding woods.  While their tests didn't get them any closer to obtaining pictures of the creature or nabbing one to study, they decided real human test subjects and artificially recreating the effects of the Tunguska Event would be the logical next step for their experiment.  Thus, a reality show was created in which the cast and crew were both unaware of the ulterior motives of the creator as now sixteen human contestants inhabited the settlement.  Using the Tesla Tower and human subjects, they were able to entice the Valleymen.  However, unlike the primates, the humans dared to venture deeper into the woods violating the treaty between the Valleymen and the Evenkis.  This worked as the Valleymen attacked the producers' camp leaving the contestants stranded in this deadly place bringing out a unique human feature; to persevere when all hope is lost, no matter how impossible, to continue to try.  The fact that the contestants would leave the settlement was a huge crux in the leader's plan, who I believe to be both the head of the science experiment and the creator of the reality show.  So, using the powers of the Tesla Tower, they manipulated they weather, as they were aware that during Kulik's expedition a freak snowstorm had forced him to return to his starting point and they hoped it would either have the same effect on the contestants as they would backtrack to the settlement or die in the harsh conditions.  However, with a combination of pure luck and skill the hikers persevered and continued towards the beacon where the secrets behind the testing lay.  This forced them to attempt to cover their tracks, murdering the scientists at the lab, destroying the computers with information about their experiment and knocking out the tower so the contestants would not be able to contact the outside world.  Meanwhile, another problem in their plan emerged as the Evenki people helped the remaining contestants at the settlement, informed them about Ogdy, the Valleymen and the truce that had existed for a century as well as guided them to the science center.  I believe that in the finale we will discover how much of my tale is true as the contestants' distress call was likely intercepted by the mastermind behind it all who will send an execution troop rather than saviors to the outpost.  I also think that Miljan's connection to the beast(s), through the guidance he receives from his possession will play a part as perhaps the Valleymen want to protect Miljan from harm and will attack the soldiers to keep him safe.  In addition, the chemicals in the lab combined with Daniel's knowledge, and a group effort to help, will have them making their own incendiary devices to also play a part in overcoming the military forces.  This will leave them able to fight another day, empowered with more knowledge as they will still be stranded in Siberia leaving the show open for a second season!  Below is a list of all the strange events we have witnessed and what I think they can be attributed to as this has become a clash of locals, a possibly alien beast and scientists in which the contestants have found themselves in the middle of.

The Valleymen
  • Mauling of the Tiger
  • Tommy's Death
  • Natalie's Death
  • Attack on the Producers' Camp
  • Part of the 1908 Tunguska Event
  • Miljan's possession
The Cauldrons
If the cauldrons do in fact open up a wormhole to another world they may also cause time discrepancies among return.  By this I mean as a Valleyman might enter the wormhole at one point in time they could exit and find themselves in the future or the past.  This explains:
  • The Skeleton with Sabina's Locket
    • We have seen the beasts remove their kills with both Natalie and the Tiger but they also laid them around the settlement.  If Sabina dies in the future and her body is transported to another dimension a beast could return through the wormhole and place her body near the settlement but actually be in a time before Sabina actually ever arrived.  Therefore she would be able to come across her own decomposed body even though she hadn't died yet.
  • The Atomic Clocks
    • Perhaps one of the clocks has been effected by the cauldron just by being in the vicinity of it as they are believed to cause electrical discrepancies. 
The Evenkis
  • The Spear
  • The Mushrooms: in which they revealed were used in rituals for the shaman to see the future.
The Scientists
  • Recreation of the Tunguska Event: caused the "fire in the sky" and mini-quake using tower.
  • The Snow: also using the tower they manipulated the weather.
  • Johnny and Joyce's blackout during the "fire in the sky"
    • Why I don't believe it was the cauldrons but rather psychological effects from the tower is because the cauldrons are said to make people lose their way and both contestants made it back to the settlement fine as well as the fact that they were dazed and had memory loss which wasn't an effect in Merilik's description or my research of the cauldrons.
  • The Mutated Frog: I believe this was a subject of the genetic testing that likely escaped or was let loose.
  • Previous Test Groups: as stated I think that these were a first attempt to draw out the beast.  Using the Revealers and speakers to keep the primates in the settlement, they ultimately failed leading to the decision for the need of human subjects.
The Mysterious Leader
  • Killed or Ordered the Killing of the Scientists in the Lab
  • Destroyed or Ordered the Destruction of the Radio Beacon
  • Leader of the Experimentation into Kulik's findings and the Valleymen as well as behind the genetic testing to recreate or study the beasts
  • I believe they are also behind the fighter Jets we saw fly over the area
  • Ordered the Creation of the Reality Show: understanding the need of human test subjects who were unaware of their ulterior motives as well as a crew to run it as if the competition was the real purpose for their presence in Siberia

I think that this all falls into a plausible theory as to the events we have witnessed on Siberia.  While I know that many of you were hoping for no aliens, the presence of the cauldrons point in that direction as well as opens up the platform for future seasons as anything is possible.  I also don't think all the mysteries will be solved in the season finale, but instead we will be left with a cliffhanger as the original plan was a storyline that could traverse five seasons and oh I hope this is so!  As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts so please comment below and don't forget to sign the Siberia Season 2 petition here as well as tweet #SiberiaSeason2 to let NBC know we want more (you can find me on Twitter here)!  My new website is currently under construction but will be fully operational soon so please bookmark, a centralized hub containing all my various blogs with much more to come in the fall! Tune into the Siberia season finale Monday, September 16 to find out how this amazing season ultimately concludes.  Enjoy!


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  1. For a picture of the valleymen from the final episode go here:


    1. Thank You! I think I'll try to add that on my final blog post recapping the Siberia finale & theories on how it all wrapped up (or sort of :D)

  2. Are you going to do a final post to wrap up your blog series about Siberia?

    1. I will! My posts usually come out the Thursday following the episode but I'm a little ill this week so I am aiming for Friday. Thanks for reading and check back soon as I will recap the finale, wrap up the final questions and give my overall thoughts on the show!