Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods

Wow, this episode really surprised me!  When I thought Siberia would be a horror flick after chaos ensued and a contestant died in the premiere, (see: Siberia Finds a Common Bond: Reality Competition & Action/Mystery Flick) I was completely wrong.  It is still formatted in a reality completion setting with only bread crumbs of strange occurrences left for viewers in each episode. Apparently the show must go on.  While I am pretty sure at this point discovering the details of what's really going on in Siberia is going to be like pulling teeth from a kid that won't open his mouth, I'm going to finish what I started and continue watching.  Mostly because now I need to know, but I have to say that Siberia really has found that perfect bond between reality competition and supernatural drama; my only problem is that I'm really not into reality competitions.  For those of you who can't bear it out I will keep updating regarding the pertinent details of the episodes so check back!  Here's a look at this week's Siberia, "A Question of Reality".

  • George leaves.  He decides to take the $5000 and keep his life (and yes we actually see the red button work and take him away via helicopter).
  • Esther is a horrible person.  Knowing full and well that the mushrooms were dangerous when not cooked, she lied to Victoria claiming they were ready to eat and that she would have some too but she already had so much thus poisoning Victoria. 
  • The Revealer opened twice. 
    • The first time it contained bullets and a map to an alleged gun.  By the end of the episode both the items were missing and we don't know who has them. 
    • The second time there was a snake and a key.  As I predicted Miljan acted like the knight in shining armor leading everyone to the shed he and Irene found in the premiere.  The shed contained various foods and seasonings and after a battle, Neeko and Sam convinced the group to ration the food.  Just like in Lost the big guy, Sam (who has already made comments about how mean he gets when he is hungry), is instilled with the key and the job of proportioning out the food for the group.
  • Daniel decides to investigate Tommy's death further and finds that he did not die from a fall, like they were told, but rather was attacked by the mysterious presence in the wilderness.  He also finds a large two-pronged track the monster left.  While trying to find his way back he stumbles upon Sabina in a hidden cave.  She immediately directs him away from it warning him not to enter (she likely has the gun and bullets among other things hidden inside).  As they made their way back to the camp Daniel also discovers primitive artwork depicting natives hunting a Anubis-like creature, with two legs and feet matching the tracks he found as well as two arms and a hooded cobra head.  My thoughts go straight to Alien v. Predator as the monster looks a lot like the Predator.  Possibly some kind of mutated human from science experiments when it was a prison camp? 
  • Victoria gets horribly ill from the mushrooms and to make matters worse Esther sits around lying the whole time.  She seems to be hallucinating and mentions green fire in the sky and you're all dead during her trip.  While everyone but Johnny and Miljan want to get her help, no one will cross over the forfeit line to press the button.  When she awakens in the morning she abruptly decides to leave telling only Daniel that she remembers what she saw on her mushroom trip and they will all die out there.  Like I mentioned in my post about the premiere, the mushrooms were used for rituals by the natives and likely have some kind of power of foresight.
Basically the show is Lost meets Survivor.  If you are interested in action, there is little to be found here.  If you like competition shows this is right up your alley as it is basically that with a pinch of supernatural weirdness.  While I like the characters and it is a unique new show, I doubt that it will be renewed as it goes up against the other huge supernatural summer thriller, Under the Dome (see: Keeping an Eye on CBS), that has a lot more action and information is more like an open faucet compared to Siberia's dripping tap.  I'll stay tuned and keep you updated on what discoveries are made so check back weekly.  Enjoy!

I have to add this after watching the next few episodes: This show is good. While at first the strange events came slowly we have now been thrown into a crazy adventure possibly involving wormholes, time-loops, alien beasts, past lives and overall strangeness. I'm so glad that I didn't give up after a slow episode and I hope you didn't either! If you missed a few, check out my recaps and my two theories posts that document the real 1908 event and other facts that are spread throughout the show. While at first we were on that part of the roller-coaster that slowly creaks upward towards the sky, we are now going full speed ahead plunging and twisting around! Stay tuned to Siberia Monday's on NBC and check back here for all the facts, theories, recaps and more that I can put out as we're on a runaway train and I'm just trying to hold on!

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