Thursday, September 5, 2013

Siberia Secret Images Revealed!

Hello! My post for this week's Siberia episode, "One by One", will be up very soon, but in the meantime I wanted to clarify what the static filled images at the end of each episode are.  While the Pilot didn't contain an image and both "A Question of Reality" and "Lyin', Tiger and Bare" only revealed the Siberia sign at the conclusion of the episodes.  However, as things became stranger, each episode has had a unique image that gives us a sneak preview of what's to come the following week.  Below I have the collection of images as well as my interpretation of what they are.  While I'm quite certain about most of them, please feel free to comment with your thoughts, especially on the image for "One by One" as it might provide us with a clue for next week.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!
*Note: For a better view, you can click on each photo and it will come up larger in a different screen!

left: "Fire in the Sky" - This is the first image aside from the Siberia sign and it depicts the trap that impales Irene in the following episode.
right: "What She Said" - I believe this to be the gas mask recovered from the Revealer.

left: "Out of the Frying Pan" - The crashed helicopter door with the Siberia logo.
right: "First Snow" - Paints a very clear picture of Johnny in front of the Tesla Tower.

left: "A Gathering Fog" - While this one stumps me the most, I think it may be Sabina pointing a rifle at the Evenkis before they disarmed her. Or possibly the fallen radio tower.
right: "One by One" - This appears to be the portable radio seated on a table possibly next to a lamp.  This may be hinting to us that the contestants will be able to get it working next week and call for help!  

above: "Strange Bedfellows" The truck that is supposedly coming to save them!

Make sure to browse through all my other posts, with recaps of each episode, real historical and scientific facts that make the show much clearer and theories to keep you thinking!  Enjoy!


  1. The picture from 'A Gathering Fog' is indeed Sabina hold a rifle and pointing it out of the window. This scene took place during the night when the natives started dousing the torches which led Sabina, Neeko, and Miljan to rush indoors, followed by Sabina firing the rifle outside to scare them away.

  2. I agree that it was sabina pointing the rifle at the natives. I am so glad you were able to capture all of the images. It was driving me insane! I am just hoping they resolve all or most of our questions before the show ends, or provide us with a second season. If not, I think I will be angry for a long time. One thing I have been thinking is that the 'monster' could be from the genetic manipulation done in the science lab. Miljan said in the last episode that something was

    1. Thanks for reading & your thoughts on the picture I was unsure about! I got a lot of comments asking about them so I'm glad that it was helpful. :D I too am hoping for a second season, and there has been no word of a cancellation yet, so I'll take that as a hopeful sign.
      As far as the beast, I don't think it was created in the lab for a few reasons: the evidence that the beast has been around since at least the 1908 event and they couldn't have created the event as DNA wasn't even discovered yet, much less genetic testing as well as the fact that they were studying Kulik's expedition in which if they created it they would need to study his findings. I do think that they are trying to recreate the beast in the lab, it's just that the science wasn't anywhere near advanced enough in 1908.

    2. Just to throw a couple of thoughts at you guys. I know you have done your research and very well I might add. But would think and hope that the writers of the show would tweak the facts and change them to fiction. That was the first thing that attracted me to the show was the huge potential to go in any direction they wanted to just as long as it was somewhat believable(keeping skeptics in mind)I for one don't mind the reality show gone wrong story line but I would think they could only keep that alive but for so long. Why not go wild with the story. Aliens , supernatural beings , crazy village tribe anything would work. The only thing that doesn't fit and I've said it before are the "camera men" Its like a giant whole in the story that I cant help but put my finger though ,,, thats a bigger whole than the "D.N.A Beast" escaping from the lab ,,, The writes could turn this show into the next "Lost" ,,, I know I'm a dreamer but that's why I love the show. But they are going to have to make decision about the camera men ,, Why aren't they responding to situations going on around them ; while people are getting hurt and killed (supposedly) ,,, How much film do these dudes have and while everybody was freezing and scrambling for coats and blankets ,, what they were the only ones prepared ? ,,, see what I mean "Big-Gaping" whole. But other than that I am a true fan like you and love the show. I think I will lose my mind and break something if they cancel the show and probably never watch N.B.C again. N.B.C has a bad track record for not standing behind their shows ,,, this past year alone they canceled 4 shows I truly enjoyed some old ,,, but the new shows don't seem to have chance unless their an overnight hit.

  3. Sorry, ran out of room
    In the woods that was not human or an animal. So that pretty much leaves lab created monster or alien. At first I was really thinking alien, but with that creepy lab, it seems more likely a lab created monster. Clearly those scientists crossed lines, and I'm thinking this may be a part of why they were killed. If they created a monster, the locals and Russian government/ those in charge of the science center would probably not be happy. Also, with the tesla like tower that explains a lot of things, it just makes less sense for it to be an alien at this point. Maybe the scientists used the tesla coil to create the beast? Or find a way to destroy what they had unleashed. Anyway, I love reading your theories! Those are just some of my thoughts.

    1. Miljan did said that it wasn't human nor animal and I think that it is a representation on Ogdy. Who was both a god in the form of man and a thunderbird. Check out my post Siberia Gets Cold that has some super interesting information about Ogdy and the Evenkis real beliefs.
      I think that the science center was doing what they wanted to do and while I agree that they crossed the lines I think at this point it's more about covering their tracks then simply shutting down the lab. Remember the beast has been around for at least 100 years long before DNA was even discovered.
      We still don't know where the beast originated. While I also am doubting the alien involvement, I don't think the science center could even have created the beast in 1908 nor would they be attempting to recreate it by using modern techniques and studying Kulik's expedition in the 30's had they successfully created it before.
      You have some awesome thoughts and thank you for reading and sharing your ideas! It gives me more things to think about and consider that I might otherwise never have come up with! Please continue to read and share as we only have 2 episodes left to uncover the mysteries of Siberia!

  4. I think the monster/beast is some type of very large mutant falcon. The foot prints look similar to falcon feet, they are great hunters, and the mutilated corpses makes me think the falcon simply consumed their intestines OR damaged the intestines in its talons during transport. Also the falcon can fly into an area fast and cause destruction without making a lot of noise before it attacks. Also a falcon is territorial. This could be the reason the scientist had a falcon in the lab - for research.

    1. While I didn't address the falcon in this post I'm glad that you brought it up because I agree that the falcon is an important part of this puzzle. If you haven't checked out my post about the Evenkis and their beliefs I encourage you to do so at the end of my Siberia Gets Cold post. As the name Ogdy is both the name of their thunder god but also the name for the thunderbirds. This makes a connection for me as if the scientists realized they needed bird DNA to help recreate the beast. While I don't agree that the footprints are similar to that of a falcons as they have four pronged talons as most birds I do think that it is a part of the beast. As I said this connects the falcon to Ogdy and to the beast which makes for a compelling theory! If they did damage the intestines during transport I think it would be with their "hands" as the cave pictures depict a man like structure that walks on to legs thus the footprints. A falcon however, is a bird of prey so it still leaves me wondering if the only reason they are damaged is due to transport, why not eat their conquests? In addition the pictures of the beast show no wings and the fact that it seems to be part human I don't think it flies but rather walks. We have also heard the beast in numerous episodes and it seems to be land dwelling. I think that the idea that it is territorial due to its bird genes is a good one, but overall I agree that it was in the lab for a reason.
      Thanks for reading & bringing this up! I forgot to add this as I am still working on my recap & getting all the new pieces into my theories. Great thoughts & please continue to contribute!

    2. Let's not forget that there were also 2 VERY LARGE "Thunderbirds" in the last episode as well in the form of the jets flying over the area. Not really sure if it's relevant, but I didn't think about that until reading about the bird angle.

  5. I agree with the previous poster's theory about the beast being some type of very large falcon. I was leaning towards a bird of some and felt this was reinforced with the discovery of the falcon in the lab. The folks at the Producer's camp may well have been vicitms of the beast but obviously not the scientists. They were shot but why did the killer(s) lock the buidling when they left? The scientists were not going anyway after being shot and the location so remote who would have happened along (except the hikers)? I believe the attack on the research center happened during the night the hikers spent in the tree hut. The genny ran out of fuel thus shutting off power to the beacon. Of course, now I would have to explain when the beacon tower fell. It may have been the clamour they heard at the end of the episode but I would think it would have been much louder. I'm going to watch it again and see what comes to mind.
    I'm not a fan of the wormhole/time travel scenario but just because sci/fi is not my thing. I had read nothing about the show nor had I seen previews before the first episode. My husband had just stumbled on it and we watched out of and now we are hooked.

    1. As I replied above I do too! I didn't bring up the falcon in my post so I am appreciative for your comments as they help me to include things I forgot. :D
      As I said above I think that the falcon was in the research station for a reason, likely because the scientist realized they needed bird DNA for the reconstruction of the beast. In addition as I believe the beast is a result of the original event and while the scientist are trying to recreate it, they did create it in the first place. It goes along with the idea that Ogdy is also a thunderbird as well as a god in the shape of a man so it links the Evenki beliefs as well. I do not think that it flies though as the cave pictures didn't depict any wings and we have heard it move around the ground as well as seen its footprints as a bipedal creature.
      I agree that the scientists were not victim to the beast but you bring up an excellent point that the doors were locked. That makes me think it was the bigger party or overseer that I mentioned above who killed the scientist in order to cover up their tracks as well as destroyed the computers and the tower to keep their secret from coming out. It makes sense that they would lock up after killing their minions as they wanted to make it as difficult as possible for the contestants to discover their work.
      While I don't agree that they were killed that night as I think they would've heard the shots, but if they were trying to cover up their experiment and saw the contestants were getting close, they chose to also destroy the beacon so the contestants could not radio for help.
      It seemed to me like the clamor was the falcon as it came from the same area and the beacon was on the other side. I think that all was done before they reached the science center.
      While I love the time theory and at the beginning it answered a lot of questions, I have to question it now as there are other possibilities. There must be a reason the atomic clocks were off and how Sabina found the skeleton with an exact replica of her locket down to the picture. When I first started watching I hadn't read anything about the show either and only saw one preview and decide to give it a try. While my first posts show that I was wavering in my enthusiasm at first after I found so much real history and science that was weaved into the show I was addicted. I encourage you to check out some of my other posts as I have included this information as well and it is super intriguing and gives the whole "reality show" idea much more vigor as it is really based in actual facts that I find refreshing. To have a television show that is well researched is amazing. I know you said your not into the whole sci-fi thing, but often in shows with time disturbances they don't work out the way string theory suggests and it always bothers me. So to have a show so rooted in real facts is great.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! You brought up some great points and I hope you take the time to check out some of my other posts as well!

  6. The image in the last episode is the star-like image that keeps turning up on trees, the notebook, the wreckage in the found footage. On the recording of the wreckage there are several symbols, these look like cuneiform writing & the last three mean "sun" "bird" "god or heaven"

    I don't understand cuneiform, but I have a book on it, I could not find the first 2 symbols, but the first could be numerals, 3 something, but not 300 or 3,000.

    Patomskiy crater, Siberia

    In August 1949, when Kolpakov reached the very north of Irkutsk region, local Yakut people told him a story about an 'evil' place, hidden in the woods.

    They called it the Fire Eagle Nest, and according to them even the deer didn't dare to go close to it. Locals told a lot of legends about it, warning people would suddenly start feeling unwell or even disappear, some to be found dead later, some never to be found.

    interesting the locals called it the fire eagle nest, because, the writing on the metal wreckage in the found footage