Thursday, August 8, 2013

Siberia Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!

Throughout the first episodes of Siberia we have slowly been leaked clues about the mysteries underneath the reality competition.  While I have individual posts recapping the events and oddities, I thought it would be a good idea to just lay out what we know and hypothesize regarding what is really going on.  This post is based on all the information we have learned thus far under the assumption you are up to date with the episodes.  If not, I encourage you to check out my other posts where you can easily browse through the events to get the gist of what has happened.  This is an updated post that contains some of my original theories and some that have been slightly revised or added onto due to new clues and facts.  I am a mathematician, particularly a logician, so I accept the premises we have been given as truth and try to find my way to a logical conclusion, but in a fictional show anything goes!  Below I point out the real events of 1908, as well as what we have seen, to try and better understand the story within.  I would love to hear your thoughts, as well as start a dialogue, so please feel free to comment!  Let's check out the questions Siberia has posed so far, enjoy!
  1. What are the facts about the real event in 1908?

    • While I normally like to base all my theories only on what we see in the show, I made an exception here because this is a real event in Siberian history and with a bit of research I was able to find out a few interesting facts:
      1. The "Tunguska Event" happened at 7:15 AM on June 30, 1908; it is the biggest event of its kind in known history.  People observed what looked to be fire in the sky or a "second sun" falling into our atmosphere.
      2. While researchers have tried to explain it away as a comet or meteor, no one can seem to come to a consensus as the minerals found and the eyewitness accounts don't quite line up with either theory.
      3. Atop that there was no evidence left behind, such as a piece of a meteor or comet like would be expected.  Instead for the days following the event the skies continued to glow which is a phenomenon having to do with ice particles (which were found at the site) that has also been seen when space shuttles enter the earth's atmosphere.
      4. The shape of the crater had what is referred to as a "wingspan" resembling a butterfly.
      5. To make it even more eerie, when overhead photos were taken of the site, they were ordered to be burned.
      6. While theories are all over the place, the strangest was the idea that it was a black hole traveling through Earth, but it was dismissed because there was no evidence it came out the other side.
      7. When a science expedition tried to research the site, at a specific point their local guides would go no further in fear of what they referred to as "Valleymen".
    • Although I am pretty good with my sciences, I am no meteor, comet or black hole expert but this info did spark a few theories I find to be plausible.
      • The original event was an alien space craft.  It would explain why it left no remnants; either because the craft was moved, left earth, or has the ability to cloak itself in order to not be seen.  (I realize that I am talking about a real event and am implying there are actually aliens in the Siberian woods, but I'm going out on a limb in order to theorize what's happening on the fictional show.)
      • Due to the fact there was no evidence of a black hole exiting on the other side of Earth, it could possibly have been a wormhole which is believed in fringe science to have the capabilities to transfer objects, people, beasts, etc. through space and time.  I like this theory a bit more because there is no need to explain how a spacecraft left or remained undetected, rather it could be that the wormhole simply transported alien creatures from light-years away to earth and they remain in the Siberian woods.
        • This would also explain the more recent events from the show.  For example: how a skeleton containing a duplicate necklace as Sabina's is in the forest.  Possibly the lights in the sky were an effect of the opening of a wormhole that transported the contestants forward in time, or to a parallel universe where Sabina had lived and died already.  It is similar to Battlestar Gallactica when Starbuck returns to earth to find her ship along with her dead body though she was still alive.
        • It could also explain what happened to the producers' "base camp".  Upon realization that their contestants had disappeared, they were frightened and quickly fled the site.  This goes along with why there were no longer supplies or a helicopter waiting as the contestants and the cameramen who were with them inside the radius of the wormhole are now in a different time or universe than the producers.  The base camp was not inside the radius so they didn't suffer the effects of the wormhole. 
  2. What is the beast in the woods?

    • While at first I thought that the unknown beast in the woods could have been formed through science experimentation, which could also explain the mutated frog, DNA manipulation didn't come until around World War II, well after this event.  In addition the cave drawings showing the beast seemed to be from long before that.  (More about both of these are in their own sections below.)
    • There is also a chance that the beast is somehow a natural creature.  However, this has a lot of holes in it for me, because it has been around a long time and the cave drawings show a second sun implying the beast is related to the event.  Maybe it was mutated from the event rather than a science experiment and still lurks the Siberian habitat.  While I'm not really feeling this explanation, I suppose it's possible.
    • Whether a creation of science or an alien it is clear that this beast is big and strong.  I originally hypothesized that it was an Alien vs. Predator-type situation where they visit Earth, but it has become clear that however they came to be they have been part of the Siberian habitat for thousands of years.  In addition, if they are only visitors we know that at least one got left behind. 
    • I don't believe they are predators by nature.  They don't seem interested in attacking the contestants and I'm not sure if Tommy wandered into their area or if they hold the mushrooms to be valuable, as they attacked him right after the fungi was uprooted, implying they were offended in some way.  I think the mushrooms might be a coincidence and am leaning more towards the idea that Tommy wandered into its territory, but overall I believe that the beast was responsible for Tommy's death.  
    • It was also interesting that when Daniel and Sabina were being chased by the beast, when they stopped it stopped like its goal was to run them off rather than attack them.  The other big event was the mauled tiger at the end of "Lyin' and Tiger and Bare", that posed the question: why would the beast attack the tiger?  I think that because it obviously didn't eat the tiger and it was practically placed right outside the settlement, it served as the beast's way of warning the contestants not to veer too deep into the woods. 
    • In related news, the beast has to eat.  So while I don't think it is interested in attacking the humans, I do think it was responsible for stealing Johnny's deer in the episode "Fire in the Sky" (see: Siberia Gets a Little Stranger) as the animal was completely ripped from the trap and it required something with great strength to do that. 
    • This also relates to the deer head decoy in the episode "She Said It" (see: Siberia Gets Good).  As both the decoy and the trap appeared to be human made, it is a safe assumption that the trap was set by the locals (which I discuss later in this post) in an attempt to catch the beast as it hunts the local wildlife.   
  3. What happened to the original settlers?

    • Even after all this you still have to ask yourself, what happened to the original settlers?  Were they killed by the aliens?  Were they transported back through the worm hole or on the ship?  Were they effected by the event and possibly mutated like the frog?  Are they still there?  I know that last one seems impossible, maybe even improbable, due to the age they must be.  However, if the extraterrestrial event did affect their composition in some way, their lifespan could have been extended.  Plus I don't believe for a second that after a hundred-plus years a bracelet from an original settler would still be just laying in shallow waters (referring to what Sam found in episode 3; see Siberia Gets Into the Thick of It).  Unless the beast also thought it to be a good luck charm and has been wearing it around, could the settlers have been transformed into the beings and Anne held onto it all this time? 
    • A much more probable answer that I have concluded from newer episodes is that the event opened a wormhole that transported them through time.  That's why they are still alive now in the woods, and the bracelet was a token of one of these original settlers that was recently lost.
    • While at first I thought that the "Valleymen" of local lore referred to the beast, I now am leaning towards the idea that they are actually the original settlers and this is who the cameraman was referring to after Tommy's attack when he repeated "I saw them" in Russian.
    • No matter how you slice it, currently I have no real answer to this question; but I do have some concrete theories now that I know more about the original event and I hope you do too.
  4. Who are the locals and the child in the woods?

    • As mentioned above I believe the locals are the original settlers or possibly other versions of our current contestants, known in folklore as the "Valleymen".
    • A few new facts have come to light based on some of your comments and some research as well.
      • "Ogdy", the name Miljan gave to the totem pole, wasn't invented by Miljan, it is actually the thunder god of the Evenki people, the original people of the Tunguska area.
      • The mysterious compass symbol that Miljan also found and then carved into his arm (see: Siberia Gets Good!) is an ancient Mesopotamian symbol that refers to the sky god Anu.
    • These two facts lead me to believe that the settlers are either trying to worship these gods, as they both are related to the sky and thus the event in 1908 and in the episode "Fire in the Sky", in an attempt to set the timeline back, or...
    • They believe that the events are brought on by the gods and are attempting to harness their power perhaps for something more sinister.  the locals may protect the beast because they view it as a god and think if they kill it they can harness its power and stop the time loop.
    • I also think that they are guarding the beast, possibly in belief that by killing it they can return to their normal timeline or can harness its power as the beasts arrival coincided with the event.
    • Regarding the children, I think they are a part of the local tribe.  However the child we saw had a similar appearance to Natalie or even Berglind, one of the first contestants to be eliminated, which makes me think they could have abducted them.  How the locals returned them to their youth is still something I cannot explain.
    • I think the locals are responsible for the spear left outside the cabin in the episode "Fire in the Sky" (see: Siberia Gets a Little Stranger), but it begs the question why would they want them to leave?  Possibly since they are aware of the time-shifts they know that if they don't leave before the event they will also be trapped in a different time.  They also could be living the same event over and over which could explain the skeleton with Sabina's locket as it is really her dead body and they are trying to warn them to get out before it happens all over again.

  5. Are the contestants wrapped up in this by accident or is there a reason for their presence?

    • We can connect Sam's lineage back to Russia because we know that his grandmother is Russian.
    • I believe Sabina is there for a reason as she is an Israeli solider which links her heritage to Siberia as well.  She was also aware of the terrain when they first arrived before having time to study it, she showed off this knowledge once again by being able to find the gun (presumably) before the others and she was able to locate the cave to stash her gear.  The necklace also seems like an eerie connection to the land and the fact that it was connected to a skeleton, suggests the body is Sabina's and the contestants have been transported through time.
    • I can't get over the coincidence that Sam's bracelet is engraved with the name Anne and we have a character named Annie, this could be a family name which would also tie her back to Siberia.
    • Miljan gets "guided" and finds the food shed, totem pole and journal.  I think the totem pole is of more importance than his make believe companion and old friend  and we see him studying it and also trying to keep it a secret.  The journal seems to be leading him to Sabina's locket and the other odd findings in the woods.  Whether they have all been there before and this is some type of reincarnation of his ancestors guiding him it definitely appears as though he too has a connection to the area. 
    • Although I was sold on the descendant/relative angle, I'm now starting to wonder if this is just a big time loop and if they don't get out they are destined to have the same fate.  The contestants are modern people living in the modern world though, so descendants isn't out of the question as they clearly aren't the original settlers.  However, if the event causes a displacement of time, maybe they are descendants of the settlers, but the locals are really other versions of themselves trying to keep their new selves from repeating their past.  Complicated!
  6. What do the cave drawings represent and why are they important?

    • If I continue with my axiom that the original event, as well as the beast, is extraterrestrial in nature, rather than man-made, then I would have to account for its presence before the 1908 event.  What I originally discounted as a sun, upon repeat views I noticed there is a sun as well as a large spiral in the cave drawings that reminds me of the wormholes in the series Sliders.  This could easily have been the ancient peoples' way of depicting either a spaceship, that the 1908 reports described as a "second sun", or my leading theory, a wormhole.  This means that the beast is an alien in the woods and has come to Earth before 1908.  The drawings themselves didn't really seem that cryptic to me, it showed early humans using spears to kill the beast and, if you look closely, the being seems to have a weapon of its own in hand.  Thus our beloved cast might not just be up against aliens, wormholes, and a superior being but enhanced weaponry as well.  The description I used in my blog for that episode(see Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods) was an Anubis-looking creature, similar to human in form, with two-pronged feet (which matches the tracks found in the woods near Tommy's death site), three-pronged hands and a hooded cobra-like head.  I think the important thing to take from the drawing is simply that Siberians have been fighting whatever "it" is for thousands of years.
  7. What secrets can be deduced from the mutated frog?

    • In the first episode Daniel found a frog with an extra leg.  While this could be nothing, as this has happened before in nature, I don't think the show would include it if it wasn't important.  My first thoughts were that it had to do with the unknown presence in the woods.  Possibly that the beast is a mutated human and the same thing caused malformations in the frog.  While I'm not totally sure (now that I am leaning towards wormhole aliens, rather than science experiment gone wrong) it is plausible that the Tunguska event caused the mutation as high concentrations of various elements were deposited and the mutated frog isn't related to the beast.
  8. Who is Sabina and what is the significance of her necklace? (and yes I think she has the gun)

    • In the premiere episode she beat the fastest men and was able to reach the settlement before everyone.  To me this implies that she is familiar with the terrain and likely has a different motive than the others for being in Siberia.
    • If she has more knowledge of their habitat then my supposition would be that she was able to make it to the gun before the others.
    • Daniel found her in a hidden cave, in which she warned him not to enter claiming there is a drop-off and it is dangerous.  Again with her knowledge of the area this is probably her home base where she is plotting her course of action.  If she did steal the gun and bullets, this is probably where she has hidden them.
    • Finally since Siberia was where Jewish prisoners were sent in the 1900's and she is an Israeli soldier, I believe Sabina could be Mossad, the CIA of Israel, who sends its members on various missions.  With her familiarity of the terrain and obvious secrecy, I think her goal is related to the beast; whether it is to track and contain it or possibly destroy the being altogether.
    • We also have come to the realization that her necklace holds a special place in her heart and inside the locket is a picture of a young boy, possibly her son.
    • When she came across the skeleton with an identical necklace, I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that the body was hers and they are now trapped in the time loop I have mentioned before.  There is also a possibility that someone else shared the same necklace, like her husband and the picture inside is her child.  This could explain her ulterior motives on the show, to find a lost relative.  Upon discovery of the body with the locket, she realized who she was searching for had died.  However I believe it is more probable that it is her skeleton.
  9. What is the importance of Victoria's vision and the mushrooms?

    • You had to pay close attention in the first episode to grab the line Sam read from the Revealer's paper concerning the mushrooms.  It said that they were used for rituals by the original settlers, for this reason I think they hold important value.  Depending on what happened to the settlers they may still be important to them or to the beast.
    • I assume if you're reading this you know what happened with Esther, Victoria and mushrooms, if you need a recap check out Siberia Goes Deeper into the Woods.  Anyhow, Victoria ate the uncooked fungi and had a "trip" of epic proportions.  While she was obviously agitated and delirious she mentioned butterflies, the sky being green and on fire, and "you're all dead".  It became clear when Victoria chose to leave that she believed the mushrooms have the ability to show the consumer the future and what will happen next to the contestants was too grim for her to stay.  Perhaps another member of the group will also attempt to eat the uncooked mushrooms and get a glimpse into their future in order to help save them all!
    • What was most interesting about her vision was the prophecy that they all would die.  If they don't travel into the "Valleymen's" territory they should be fine, right?  Perhaps something more sinister is about to happen (like in Alien vs. Predator the Predators came every so often to hunt the Aliens and show their superiority) such as another event in which the wormhole reappears and the beasts hunt the human settlers and what happened in 1908 will repeat itself.  Who knows if the contestants are descendants, maybe there will be a House on Haunted Hill moment where only one contestant survives because they are adopted!  I am not sure about the butterflies and the only thing that strikes me is that the Tunguska Event crater was described as butterfly-like in shape.  
    • We see her prophecy begin to take shape in the episode "Fire in the Sky" (see: Siberia Gets a Little Stranger).  While the green and fire portion has come to fruition, her comment on "you're all going to die" has yet to be fulfilled.  We must ask ourselves that if they are in a time loop, and in past tries they have all failed, will this time be different?  Will they be able to use the memories of their "past" lives (as we presumably have already seen happening with Miljan) to change their fate and survive it all?  I believe so.  I think the fact that Miljan has already shown signs of remembrance that they are a step ahead but I will go into that further below.  
  10. How many of the eerie events are created by the producers, and how many are something else entirely?

    • The appearance and disappearance of the tiger as well as the deer ripped from its trap, I believe the tiger was a warning from the beast in the woods, while I now think the spear was left by the locals.  However we have to scrutinize the clues and guess whether the noises, movement and people seen in the wilderness are props executed by production to scare the contestants or from the unknown presence that haunts the Tunguska area.
    • Now that the producers are no longer around, we can basically cut out this question because everything from here on out is some freaky sci-fi action!
  11. What happened to the producers?

    • Like I've mentioned above, I am really starting to believe that the contestants have been transported, due to the event and the wormhole, to a different time or parallel universe.  This means that the producers were most likely not attacked but rather upon the disappearance of the cast they fled the area and what remains are the supplies they left behind when they cleared out quickly and frightened.
    • It is possible however, that they were abducted by the locals or attacked by the beast however, the latter is less plausible as I didn't notice any bodies or blood and I believe they were outside the territory of the beast.  If they were abducted by the locals we have to ask why and at this point I don't have any plausible answer for that.
  12. Did Natalie really leave?

    • By no means do I think she just got up and left in the middle of the night.  Her resemblance to the child makes me think that the locals abducted her but I'm not sure how to explain them transforming her into a child.  It's possible that the child is someone else and Natalie was still abducted but I just don't believe in a coincidence that big. 
    • As I went over in Siberia Gets Good! Natalie seemed more interested than ever in staying due to her relationship with Annie progressing.  This doesn't line up, nor does she seem the type, to just leave without really any goodbye.
    • Personally, I think that Natalie, in a trace like state from memories of a past life, left the camp voluntarily to join the mysterious locals in the woods. Possibly, Miljan was involved in her leave as we have also seen him have breakthroughs from a previous existence.
  13. What's going on with Miljan and what is the importance of his journal?

    • Throughout the show we have seen Miljan go from the fun jokester, to a little bit off, to completely removed from the group and suddenly interested in everything in their environment.  This change seemed to coincide with the journal.
    • While I don't think he can read it, we know it has pictures and this could explain his piqued interest in Ogdy and Sabina's necklace.
    • However, I believe that since the contestants are stuck in this time loop parts of his memory from living this all before have started to seep through.  This explains why he instinctively named the totem pole Ogdy, who is a real Evenski god. 
    • If they also have a connection to the original settlers, that knowledge may also be seeping through and he is able to translate the journal even though his current embodiment doesn't speak Russian.
    • In addition he appears to be guided by something as he found the food shed, the mysterious symbol, Ogdy and the journal.  This could be a connection to the original settlers, memories of his past life seeping through or possibly even both!
    • The journal is obviously important and it seems to be from an original settler, possibly Miljan in a past life.  It likely contains clues as to what happened in 1908 as well as the significance of the things around them.  It also seems to have changed Miljan, possibly a type of possession by the original settler which is why his character differs and he is able to realize the significance of Ogdy and the compass symbol (both sky gods).

     ✓ What is Carolina hiding?

    • She is the only cast member who doesn't use her real name.
    • Daniel mentioned in the first episode that she was familiar.
    • This one stumps me.  However while she may be lying about who she is, I don't think that it has any relevance to the big mysteries that surround the show.
    • Conclusion: Carolina is an actress, put in the show by the producers to stir up trouble amongst the group. (Revealed in "Fire in the Sky"; see Siberia Gets a Little Stranger)

     ✓ What is the significance of the symbol that appears in credits?

    • First off, for it to be in the credits of every episode must mean it has important significance.  To me it looks like a compass rose and at first glance I thought the arrows pointed outward like a signal to guide safe passage.  However, the triangles are actually inverted so I think it could be a way of marking the beast's territory.  It probably wasn't a good idea for whomever carved it as it could mean this way is safe, or this way marks death.  I personally prefer the latter as an arrow was a fairly primitive drawing and they must have inverted it for a reason.  We will just have to wait and see if it's marking dangerous areas, a safe passageway or something else entirely!
    • As I also mentioned above, the symbol corresponds to the Mesopotamian carvings that represent Anu, the sky god.  This leads me to believe that the locals are worshiping the gods that represent sky and thunder in hope that they can escape the time loop they have been caught in due to the event.
    • Conclusion: In the episode "Fire in the Sky", Miljan finds the symbol carved on a series of trees, which did turn out to be a compass, that eventually leads him to the hidden journal.  This journal appears to have been written by one of the 1908 settlers in Russian.  I suppose the carvings were a map to help them remember where the journal was hidden.  But it raises a new question: What secrets are contained in these writings that were stashed away for safe keeping?  As well as: Are there more of these symbols and do they lead the way to safe passage or mark the areas of danger? 
    • Either way we still haven't fully discovered the importance of the symbol or the journal.  In the episode "She Said It" we saw Miljan carve the compass drawing into his arm, claiming he doesn't want to forget this day.  Maybe the locals or the original settlers believed that by worshipping the sky gods they would protect them and this is why Miljan carves it into his arm.  It is clearly significant and while we have found some answers, there are still more to be uncovered.

So what do I ultimately think about the mysteries of Siberia?

  • The event is the effects of a wormhole opening into the Siberian wilderness. 
  • The aliens come through this wormhole, but why the wormhole keeps appearing and how many beings stay is still unclear.
  • The beast is not normally predatory unless it feels threatened or someone wanders into its territory.
  • The ancient humans as well as the settlers tried to attack the beast as shown on the cave drawings and inferred by the trap we saw in the episode "She Said It".  They believe that because the beast appeared during the event it is connected to the time loop they are captured in.  Possibly by destroying it they hope to break the cycle and free themselves.
  • I believe the 1908 settlers may have some relation to the contestants there now.
  • Sabina is a Mossad solider with ulterior motives.
  • The mutated frog is an effect from the change in normal elemental levels in its habitat caused by the 1908 event.
  • Since I don't recall ever seeing the mysterious symbol in the show, other than in the credits, it could be the contestants, I pick Carolina, who carves it marking the areas in which the beast has been seen.  Miljan found the strange carving in the episode "Fire in the Sky".  Due to its apparent age and the old journal found at the end of the map, the symbols were likely carved by an original settler as a path to their hidden writings.  However, I believe this affirms that it is a map and can still be used in other places to mark out a safe, or dangerous, passageway as well as provide protection because of its connection to the sky god. 
  • The mushrooms give the consumer the power to see the future, but what every time-traveling show has taught me, the events in these visions can be changed.  I think it would be a good idea for someone else to try them out and rather than bail, like Victoria, use their vision to help them survive.
  • I think that the contestants are trapped in a time loop where they are living the same event over and over.  The disturbance in time is caused by the wormhole and the beast is also a creation of the event.
  • The original settlers worshipped the sky god Anu (depicted by the symbol) and the thunder god Ogdy (carved onto the totem pole) in hope to break the cycle as the time loop corresponds to the "fire in the sky".
  • Miljan is beginning to have memories seep through from his past life in the time loop and the contestants may be able to break the cycle if they follow the clues left by their previous selves.
I hope this was easy to read as conspiracy theories twist in and out everywhere and without the full story this is all just observations, research and hypotheses.  I will be uploading a poll with a good amount of choices so you can vote on what you think is really going on, so be sure to check back for that.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so please share, I will reply to all comments but it takes me a few days!  Stay tuned to Siberia Mondays on NBC, and check back here for full recaps, reviews, predictions and updates to my theories!   


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  1. I promised you a reply of my theories so here goes. Forgive me if this seems a little scattered and repetitive of things that have already been written as I read you’re a post at work today and all these ideas have been growing for weeks. They’ve kind of taken on a life of their own and every episode causes my theories to alter a bit.

    Sam's bracelet with the name Anne on it seems more and more connected to our Annie as I review back through previous episodes. Back in episode 3 when Daniel finds Johnny and Irene in the forest he refers to Annie as "Anne" when he comes to tell them about the tiger. Could have been a slip on the part of Daniel the actor, but I don't think so. It's not a coincidence that someone called Annie "Anne" in the very episode that the "Anne" bracelet was found. It is Natalie that notices it on Sam and first takes interest in it to which she tells him that he thinks it was given from one lover to another. Coincidence that in the very next episode the Annie/Natalie romance kicks up a notch? I don't believe in coincidences and this show.

    I find your theory about their past lives beginning to seep through very interesting. It's likely why Natalie and Annie's bond intensified so rapidly. I think something was already beginning to return to Annie when she was sketching Natalie. She seems to express herself through her art and I think the sketch was something she impulsively had to do to try and express what she couldn't quite grasp.

    Interesting is that when Annie took off into the woods she seemed to unconsciously have a destination in mind. Was Annie being led somewhere before Natalie altered her course by following after her? Annie even admits later to being in a weird mood during their encounter. I feel like she was being drawn some place, but where and why?

    1. I know what you mean! I think about it all the time and have debates and bounce ideas off my husband all week! That's why my blog helps to get it all off my chest and out there into the world to hear what others think.

      Ever since Sam found the bracelet I thought of Annie (as you read in my post for that week). I didn't notice Daniel calling Annie Anne but I will definitely check that out as I have all the episodes saved on my DVR. The one lover to another completely supports the connection to Annie as she and Natalie have sparked a romance. With the discovery of the skeleton with the same locket as Sabina makes me think they are trapped in a time loop but there must be a connection to the 1908 settlers as the bracelet was inscribed 1908. Could the original settlers be past lives of our current contestants? I think this is also supported by Miljan having memories seeping through. For example: instinctively knowing the totem pole is actually a representation of a real Evenki god named Ogdy as well as being able to at least somewhat understand the journal written in Russian by an original settler connects him to the 1908 group as well. The sketch is an interesting thought and it makes total sense that she was attempting to explain something she couldn't put into words. However I think it was also a way for her to get out some of her feelings for Natalie as she hadn't yet shared them.

      Something to think about is the fact that the actresses real name is Anne-Marie, they call her Annie but I think this is an important fact that we've looked over!

      I will also have to look back on that scene with Annie and Natalie, I agree that she acted much more comfortable with her surroundings then she would be if she was new to the area. Possibly not being drawn to a specific place but just more knowledgeable with the terrain than before.

  2. Natalie certainly didn't leave on her own. As you mentioned she was more than ready to stay and fight through this game with Annie after their kiss. I also get the feeling that this ex she mentioned was the one she suffered abuse by. While she mentioned missing him it's not uncommon for the abused to still miss their abusers even after what they've been put through. It's twisted and screwed up, but sadly real to life. With that said I think Natalie was beginning to see that she deserved to be loved when Annie revealed her true feelings for Natalie. I don't think Natalie would have just taken off without at least a face to face with Annie first.

    That leads to one possible theory that I'm still waiting to confirm with more solid evidence, but here it is anyway. There is a quick clip in the 2 minute Siberia promo where Miljan is covering the camera in the girl’s cabin. If you look over his shoulder it looks like Irene may have been in her bunk at the time. While it's easy to say this happens after ep. 5 I can't help but feel like this is a reveal of how Natalie disappeared with no video evidence of her exit.

    This leads to questions about the letter. To me the handwriting definitely looked female. Did whoever took Natalie, and I'm leaning towards an inside job, force her to write that letter or did someone like Esther assist in Natalie's exit? She did say that she thought there was something growing between Annie and Natalie and how better than to get rid of a determined contestant like Annie then to hit her where it hurts, square in the heart. Now if she was involved it was likely just another strategic move to get rid of another competitor but Miljan's intentions would have likely been more sinister. She may legitimately have no idea where Natalie is now, but if she and Miljan did something to Natalie then Miljan will likely need to be cleaning up that lose end sooner than later. Miljan took an interest in Natalie early on and while most of it happens in the background he spends a lot of time wrapping his arms around her. Could he be aware of some bigger role she has to play and that’s why he arranged her disappearance? That is again if he is behind it.

    1. I definitely don't see Natalie just leaving without saying goodbye. While she might have missed her ex, even though she was abused, having new feelings for someone and really feeling loved and appreciated would break that cycle. It would be something she wants to pursue rather than something she'd run away from. I saw the clip with Miljan covering the camera, the only problem I have with it relating to Natalie's abduction is that there was no one in the room when he did it and it's unlikely that he would've been able to go back and kidnap her quietly with all the girls sleeping. In addition get Annie's journal from under her mattress as she slept and force Natalie to write a farewell note. Plus I'm not sure Miljan was aware of their relationship. The camera was also recording inside the bunk the next morning meaning after all this he snuck back in with the girls asleep and uncovered it. I think it's more likely that Natalie got up early and then possibly Miljan kidnapped her from the fire pit outside or, in the middle of the night Natalie was in a trance like state, possibly due to memories of her past life, wrote the note and ventured to the people in the woods. There have been a lot of other scenes that I would have liked to see, but were not aired or waited to be aired later on. I think there is a possibility that the camera's were on but they didn't show Natalie leaving to add suspense, it doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't footage of it. But you never know!

      I think if Natalie left on her own, possessed by past memories, she wrote the note. Esther is a good thought because she will do anything to win, but I also can't see her kidnapping Natalie without a fight and waking the others. She also could have done it early in the morning outside but I'm not sure she was aware of Annie and Natalie's relationship either and I don't know where she would stash Natalie if she kidnapped her. I don't think she mentioned Natalie and Annie relationship until after Natalie had left and she saw how upset Annie was. I wouldn't put it past her, but I don't think she could force her to leave and so far we haven't seen any connection with Esther to a past life just really cruel tactics to win the game. I guess she could have handed her over to the locals if she has been in contact with them and we don't know about it, but that all seems a little far fetched. Right now, I think the most plausible thing would be the possession from a past life (and yes, I realize how crazy that sounds!) I think Miljan is definitely having breakthroughs from a past life and could very well know Natalie's importance. He might believe that Odgy has powers and wants to harness them and thus gave her to the locals like a sacrifice as they too believe in the powers of the thunder god I just have a hard time believing he would have been able to kidnap her from the cabin. There has to be more going on there.

  3. Another scenario regarding the letter. Natalie actually wrote it, but was forced to do so. Perhaps her kidnapper(s) threatened Annie's life if Natalie didn't write the letter. She made sure it would hurt Annie to keep her from coming in search of her. Therefore protecting Annie in the only way she could in that moment. It's also entirely possible there is a message hidden in that letter that Annie missed in her emotional state. Perhaps something she'll pick up on after she finds out about the button being a fake and the producer’s camp being trashed. She may have destroyed the sketch she did of Natalie but she kept the letter intact for a reason. I believe it’ll be reviewed once Annie begins to piece things together and realizes Natalie is in trouble.

    Bottom line is Natalie isn't gone and she's going to need rescuing sooner than later. I truly think Annie will be the one to launch the search for Natalie. But she has a lot of questions to get answers to first. Who has Natalie? Why did they take her? Where would they keep her? How does she rescue her? Does she let the others help or is this a journey she has to take on herself?

    As for the creepy little girl I do think it is a version of Natalie, but I don’t think it’s our Natalie. I don’t think Natalie was transformed into a child. Instead I believe this is another version of herself. Did the light event cause a rift in the continuum and are we seeing alternate versions of them interacting? The bones Sabina found are almost certainly her from an alternate time. In which case the identical necklace suggests someone who lived an identical life to her own up to the point of her death which leads to a whole score of questions. I also find it curious that during the light event it is Sabina comforting Natalie when she has her breakdown. Then in the next episode Sabina encounters what could very well be an alternate younger version of Natalie. If so what is their connection in this whole thing?

    The more episodes air we’re exposed to more and more natural bonds that seem to exist without effort. It’s not just Natalie and Annie that have found one another. Sam and Daniel have a very strong father-son bond. Daniel and Irene have a connection that neither them nor us as the viewers can entirely define yet. I find it curious that it was Sam who volunteered to stay behind with the woman Daniel cares about. Seems a very fatherly move on Sam’s part in this moment. Trying to figure out what his place in Natalie & Annie’s story is as I’m certain his bracelet is crucial to them. What is his connection to them? His interaction with them has been limited but what interaction they have had seems important.

    I think some contestants have bigger more important parts to play in this event than others, but they each have a part to play. I’m curious to see how the beacon mentioned in press releases for upcoming episodes plays into the overall picture. So many questions right now and no definitely answers that don’t reside somewhat in speculation and theory, but I have a feeling we’re going to start getting answers in upcoming episodes.

    Great theories post and I hope you don’t mind how crazy long this thing is. As it is I trimmed out a lot from what I originally typed. So many theories and questions running through my head about this show and your theories post only inspired more thought and theories. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this incredible show.

    1. Miljan could have threatened Annie's life to get Natalie to write the note but I still think it would've been outside the cabin and again I think he would've have been acting as his past life persona and given her to the locals. I like the idea of a hidden message especially if Miljan's in on it. However, she had to go somewhere and my best guess is to the locals. This means it was either by choice in a trance or by force and Miljan gave her to them.

      If Natalie did leave on her own in a trance, she could be a sacrifice to the thunder god Ogdy in an attempt to break the time loop cycle. If they somehow returned her to her youth and she is the child in the woods I don't know if she can be rescued. I think she is with the locals in the woods, wherever their "base camp" is and possibly like in Lost they kidnapped Claire because she was with child. Maybe they need youth, maybe she was a sacrifice to the gods or maybe she was the first to realize and connect with her previous life thus returned to the locals where they all should be if they hope to avert Victoria's prophecy that they will all die.

      I am having a hard time hypothesizing how they would turn her into a child, so it not being "our" Natalie makes since. It's possible that her 1908 counterpart was a child. I thought the child also resembled Berglind and maybe that is her 1908 self. I do think that there are other versions of themselves trapped in a time loop or parallel universe due to the event. I think this has to do with Victoria's vision of they all will die. Maybe it wasn't a vision of their future, but of a life they've already lived in which they didn't survive. Now it's time to try again and I believe that if they follow the clues and their memories from their past lives they can avert death. In essence, understanding what happened and what went wrong to break the cycle and survive. It was out of character for Sabina to comfort Natalie and I'm not sure what to take of it. If the child is a different version of Natalie, this might be Sabina's past life seeping through and beginning to realize her connection with Natalie.

      I think that being stuck in a remote location with a small amount of people there will be bonds that form naturally. They all need friends, lovers and people who they can trust to work together and survive. Their past lives seeping through explains why these bonds are easily formed as they have been friends in a past life. I think Sam cares for Daniel regardless of anything else and wants the best for him. I don't know if Sam's story is necessarily connected to Annie & Natalie's just because he found the bracelet. I think the bracelet is important, but possibly not for Sam he is just the one who found it. That being said I think that all of their stories are related and intertwined.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I love to hear what you think and bounce ideas off each other. I think my biggest recent discovery is that Annie's name is actually Anne-Marie which provides a stronger connection to the bracelet and 1908. Looking forward for more concrete info that we can build off of or add to in new episodes! As always I'll have my weekly recaps that include some theory ideas and I will keep doing specific theory updates when big things are revealed or more little clues add up. Keep theorizing!
      - Shayla

  4. The author of the diary, Kulik, is the scientist who lead the original expedition to research the area in the 1920s. (He was the first scientist to have the technology to be able to travel into the Siberian forest and investigate).

    1. He was the scientist that discovered that the mineral particles left behind from the impact are not ones that should have come from a meteorite. I think the journal will tell them everything that is happening to them, which is why Ogdy is possessing Miljan to take it. If he has it then the others won't be able to know how to understand the time loop and figure out all of the strange things that are happening. (Since the god Ogdy enjoys the worship he receives from the settlers.)