Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crossing Lines: The Terminator Update & Review

This week's Crossing Lines episode, The Terminator, was about a group of high stakes art thieves whose strategy was luring men sexually to gain access to their apartments and then poisoning them with Polonium, a radioactive element.  While Crossing Lines is a great new show with a gritty, real feeling and I highly recommend it (see original post for full review and synopsis: Crossing Lines: NBC's New Crime Drama); I will not be reviewing every episode weekly as it is just a different killer-different day.  I will however keep bringing updates on the two long running storylines involving the man who killed Major Daniel's son and the person responsible for shooting off Carl's hand as well as updates regarding the relationships of the team as they evolve.
We see the aftermath of Sienna's death as the group attends the funeral and Daniel has flashbacks to his own son's burial.  While her death originally brings hesitation by the group to continue, they all agree to keep going in honor of her.  They face a team of art thieves which is headed by Dimitrov, a Russian gangster whose brutality and callousness strikes fear even into his own crew.  It is revealed that he is using the Polonium to kill the art owners just to see if it works, this type of atrocity is unnecessary for the task.  The cold hearted boss is also who is believed to be responsible for Daniel's son's death as well, so he takes a special interest in the case and attempts to find out as much information as he can about this sadistic, evil man.  Although he previously passed up his chance for revenge and agreed to let Dorn and the ICC take over the case, I suspect as he learns more from the sidelines he might end up going after the Russian himself or with the team.

In the premiere episode, Anne Marie was injured in her kidnapping and in an attempt to prove herself she discharges herself from the hospital against medical advice and ends up collapsing from a rib piercing her lung and causing bleeding.  She hasn't done much for the team in these first two episodes but I look forward to seeing her work as she impressed me with her eidetic memory and scene analysis in the premiere.  She also obtained information about the man Carl believes is responsible for the loss of function of his hand in an attempt to help him.  I am interested in watching Carl and Anne Marie's relationship grow in the coming weeks. 

While Tommy originally showed the anger I predicted after the death of Sienna, he agreed to keep working with the team.  I was surprised by how quickly Eva took Sienna's place as Tommy got close to her just as he did Sienna only days after her death.  I suppose the relationship that was set up between Sienna and Tommy will shift to Eva in the coming weeks as they partner up and likely develop feelings for each other.

Crossing Lines is an action/crime drama that is entertaining to watch and I look forward to seeing the relationships of the team unfold as well as their individual hunts for revenge.  Writing about each weekly case seems to me like a simple synopsis for every Law & Order episode, just a new bad guy who gets caught.  I think this show will appeal to the casual watcher as you can miss an episode and still be entertained without confusion, I am more interested in the long term storylines as a dedicated viewer.  I will also be updating weekly about NBC's other new drama, Siberia, which has more diversity and mysteries unlocked in every new episode.  Check back for updates on this as well as reviews of killer episodes that stand out from the pack! 

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